26 March, 2014

Make Cupcakes Not War - Amsterdam pt IV

Let's finish off the Amsterdam series with the day of all things cute. We had our afternoon tea at this most adorable cafe you could imagine, accordingly called The Darling. It was vintage store painted pink and decorated with lace and everything girly. We drank lavender tea and watched pastel colored cupcakes twirl on a lilac record player tray. Only things missing were our matching tiaras. Also, I got a necklace that says "Bad Luck" which basically had my name written all over it, but I already managed to break it. Talk about bad luck, huh!

20 March, 2014

Breakfast a la the Dutch - Amsterdam pt III

We took the city from one corner to another, had a delicious breakfast at a street cafe, wanted to decorate our room with tulips and tulips only and thought of ways to transport them to Estonia, wrote postcards to friends at a waffle house and watched the city light up at night.

17 March, 2014

The City of Love - Amsterdam pt II

On the second day, we ate waffles with every delicious topping you could imagine, went vintage shopping and scored some awesome pieces and cruised around the town for hours and hours until we couldn't feel our feet any more.

Them waffles...
Britt color cordinated with waffles...
…I with the doors
A classical photo op. Can you imagine how many people stood behind us, instagramming this?
Gorgeous gorgeous views on the canal
Looking at all the stuff I can't carry home in my hand luggage… Best part - it was taken on the red lights disctrict so when I looked up, there was a naked lady waving at me nicely :)

16 March, 2014

Picnic at the Beatrix Park - Amsterdam pt I

On our first day in Amsterdam, we had the most amazing picnic at the beautiful Beatrix Park. We got fresh fruits and cheese from the market and sat down by the canal, enjoying sun and hot weather, played with dogs and watched people ride by with their bikes. Amsterdam at its finest.
The dreadful job of picking out the pefect artichoke
Fresh smoothies for the perfect pick-me-up

Flower shopping with a bike, what a very Dutch sight!
Enjoying the perfect weather at a museum park
I have a thing with old people reading books on benches, took quite many shots like this at the trip.
Exotic birds at the park