21 July, 2014


Took a little time off and fled to the countryside. Morning swims in the pond, endless amounts of raspberries, flowers in hair and sunsets on rye fields. Being back in Tallinn now feels so depressing and pointless, can't wait to go back.
PS. Don't forget to take part in the New Yorker giveaway HERE, ending this week!

18 July, 2014

My Week With New Yorker / Day 5 + GIVEAWAY

Unnoticeably, my week with new Yorker has come to an end and it's time to wrap things up. To celebrate this week filled with bandanas, overalls, kimonos and daisies, I'm giving away a 50€ New Yorker gift card to one of my Estonian readers. Hopefully, these 5 outfits have inspired you to go shopping for any of these items yourself, so this gift card will definitely come in handy.

So, as always, in order to participate, follow Sequin Magazine in Facebook and leave a comment with your name and e-mail address in the comments below. I will announce the winner in a week, on the 25th of July.

Good luck to everyone!

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17 July, 2014

My Week With New Yorker / Day 4

Day 4 with New Yorker. Took these photos in my new favorite place in Tallinn, such a hidden gem. The sunset was beautiful, the colors were as vibrant as the ones I was wearing. I'm not a fan of wearing pants, it's always skirts and dresses, but this outfit had such a girly vibe I didn't feel the difference.
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16 July, 2014

My Week With New Yorker / Day 3

Day 3 with New Yorker. The perfect outfit to take from day to night. This kimono jacket is equally awesome at the beach and in the city, just needed to swap the flip flops for heels and ta-dah!
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