I hate the cover of Vogue Nippon this month. "U" is on Christy Turlingtons face again and the pose looks awkward. I even dislike the Lanvin dress.

Ma vihkan selle kuu Vogue Nippon'i kaant. "U" on jälle Christy Turlington'i näos ja ta pood on ka imelik. Mulle ei meeldi isegi see Lanvin'i kleit.

Why do they do this?


Miks nad teevad nii?

Going on with Japan. My mom brought me some 'treats' from there. Containing wasabi peas (delicious), sweet shrimps, some weirs things that looked like seaweed in pie and green tea KitKat
(which was incredibly good).

PS. If anybody speaks Japanese, could you please go to |this| site and tell me what the thing on the left is and what it contains. I may be wrong, but I think that it is called 'otabe' or something. I have no idea, actually.

Jaapaniga jätkates. Mu ema tõi mulle Jaapanist toodud 'kosti'. Seal hulgas wasabi herneid, magusaid krevette, mingeid imelikke asju, mis nägid välja nagu vetikad pirukas ja rohelise tee KitKati'i (mis oli uskumatule hea)

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  1. lol haha, yeah they're somewhat distracting.

  2. i agree, too. looks kind of strange! those kitkats look crazy, they really taste good? funny!

  3. Really. The glaze tasted like white chocolate with green tea. I wish I had more of these.


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