Ära puutu seda!


Don't touch it!

I know that one day when I'm over 18, I'll get Lasik. Even too scary for me, because I'm so afraid of things that include doing something with my eyes or even near them.
But getting an eye jewel...I'll never be brave enough to do that. I can do lots of brave stuff, never that.
Well, It does not look good neither so...why should I want to have a piece of platinum in my eye?


Ma tean, et kunagi, kui ma olen täisealine, siis ma lähen silma laseroperatsioonile. Isegi see on minu jaoks liiga hirmus, sest ma kardan silmade puudutamist või nende lähedal midagi tegemist.
Aga silmajuveeli tegemine...seda ei julgeks ma kindlalt. Võin teha palju julgeid asju, mitte kunagi seda.
Aga, see ei näe isegi ilus välja...miks siis peaksi seda plaattina juppi endale silma tahtma?

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  1. Whoa, I've never heard of that. It's kinda creepy actually...


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