7 deadly Frenchmen


I'm back from the most awesome trip. The islands were okay, but the people there were just so much fun. I met one french, one russian and lots of estonians and had a great laugh with them.

To the first isand- Naissaar we went with
two-masted "Blue Sirius", which was so beautiful. I climbed to the top of it's mast too to see the gorgeous view.

"Blue Sirius"

On Naissaar we visited few museums and saw Jaan Tätte performing.

"Museum of Naissaar"
"Naissaare muuseum"

Then we sailed to another island- Aegna. It was late, but everybody on the island had came to greet us (only few people live there). We walked to our hotel and had a small party there.

The next day we had a tour around the island (the area of the island is 2.9 sq/km), sunbathed and barbecued.

Our ship was late, so I missed my bus. I had to wait 1h and I missed the 1st half term of Euro 2008 finals (only goal and lots of blood). Luckly the best team won and everybody was happy, including me.

I promise to put up more pictures in a while.

Olen tagasi VÄGA toredalt reisilt. Saared olid okei'd aga nende inimestega neil oli nii naljakas olla. Tutvusin ühe prantlase, ühe venelase ja paljude eestlastega.

Esimesele saarele- Naissaarele läksime kahemastilise "Blu Siriusega", mis oli väga ilus. Ronisin masti tippu vaadet nautima ka.

Naissaarel külastasime muuseume ja käisime Jaan Tätte kontserdil.

Siis seilasime teisele saarele- Aegnale. Oli hilja, aga kõik saare elanikud olid meid tervitama tulnud. Jalutasime hotelli ja pidasime pidu.

Järgmisel päeval jalutasime ümber saare (selle pindala on 2,9 ruutkm), päevitasime ja grillisime.

Meie laev jäi hiljaks, niiet ma ei jõudnud bussile. Ma pidin 1h ootama ja jäin ilma esimesest Euro 2008 poolajast (ka ainsast väravast ja paljust verest). Õnneks parim meeskond võitis ja kõik olid õnnelikud k.a mina.

Kunagi panen rohkem pilte ka ülesse.

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  1. that boat is beautiful, as is the museum. looks like a lovely weekend. and yay for spain! (poor ballack)


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