Haarang Briti garderoobi


Raiding Britt's closet

Tomorrow we are finally-finally going to see 'Sex and the City'. It was about time. And since Britt said she had nothing to wear (she didn't actually, I just needed an excuse to raid her closet), I decided to put and outfit together for her. Estonia, be aware, the outfits are...not that great. Another thing I did- I did a little makeover for this purple skirt. Take a look!

Accessories (including 2 bags that I got today- they are first and second bags from right in the last row. Brown is vintage Claudio Ferrici and black is unknown)
Aksessuaarid (s.h. 2 kotti, mis täna sain- nad on viimases reas paremalt esimesed kaks. Pruun on vintage Clausio Ferrici ja must on tundmatu)

Totally cute dress Britt doesn't want to wear. I love it.
Väga armas kleit, mida Britt ei taha kanda. Ma armastan seda.

And the stars of the makeover - before and after
Makeover'i staarid - enne ja pärast

Homme näeme lõpuks-lõpuks ära ka 'Seksi ja Linna'. Oli juba aeg ka. Ja kuna Britt ütles, et tal pole midagi selga panna (tegelikult ta ei öelnud, ma lihtsalt tahtsin ta kapis tuuseldada), otsutasin ma talle
outfit'i kokku panna. Eesti, ole valmis, komplektid...pole nii suurepärased.Teine asi, mis tegin oli väike muutus mu lillale seelikule. Vaadake üle!

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  1. nojah...::: kuhu jäi tekst MY FRIEND BRITT HAS AN EXTRAORDINARY FAB TASTE IN CLOTHES... =?????+++++++

  2. the blue skirt with that top is an amazing combination. very nice pairing.

  3. viimases reas on kirjaviga, väiks ka.

  4. The big sweater is awesome. It's so Chloe Sevigny!


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