Hand labor

This is the dress that i bought from Tartu. Actually it is supposed to be a top...it looks ugly as a top. So it's a dress. I'm wearing it with a bolero that I made few years ago in school's handicrafts class. It even won some kind of prize with it and I got to go to Directors gaudy and eat cute heart shaped marzipan cakes there.

See on kleit, mille ostsin Tartust. Tegelikult peaks see vist pluus olema...see näeb kole välja pluusina. Nii, et see on kleit. Peal on boolero, mille tegin paar aastat tagasi kästiöö tunnis. See võitis vist isegi mingi auhinna ja ma sain minna direktori vastuvõtule, kus sai süüa armsaid südame kujulisi martsipani kooke.

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  1. martsipanikooke on 1 sõna...

  2. Thank you for the comment on my blog! I´ve been looking through yours and It´s super cute and so are you and your style! I simply adore the bolero you made and some of the photo´s in your posts are so cool!
    xx maddi

  3. Love your dress! I have linked you on my blog!
    Bonnie x

  4. cute dress & shrug! and your hair looks cute like that :)

  5. it is so pretty!!the dress is classy

  6. Siis võib mõlemat pidi kirjutada.

  7. martsipani kooke on nagu kelle koogid? aa, see proua Martsipan!a

    aga martsipanikooke on nagu aa, martsipanist koogid!

    minuarust :D

  8. Aga võib ka olla, et mitte kelle, vaid mille.
    Mille kook? Martsipani kook.
    Minuarust :D

  9. I adore the little addition of the bolero and your hair looks amazing.

  10. ironically, i love your hair and wish i could do with mine what you do here!


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