20 June, 2008



Today I went to see my friends graduate. I didn't like the dresses there much, there was only few that I liked. I'm already choosing what to wear there next year. If I find the perfect dress it doesn't matter what colour is it, but my preferred colours are the ones that I made these sets in.

Täna käisin sõprade lõpetamisel. Mulle ei meeldinud eriti need kleidid seal, olid ainult üksikud, mis meeldisid. Ma ise juba otsin kleiti järgmiseks aastaks. Kui leian selle täiusliku kleidi, siis pole vahet, mis värvi see on, aga eelistatumad värvid on need, milles tegin need set'id.


  1. Those floral dresses are so adorable! I also like that colour, how doe you call it, sea blue?


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