Today I went to Hageri's parochial days. And I totally fell in love with Estonian traditional clothes. Again. I used to have Muhu's traditional clothes, but they are too tight and short for me now (I wore them when i was 7...). I asked my granny and she agreed to make me those again for summer festival. Why I like Muhu's the best...beacuse they are just the cutest, in my oponion. I am not affined to Saaremaa at all, to be honest.

Täna käisin Hageri kihelkonna päevadel. Ja ma armusin Eesti rahvariietesse. Uuesti. Mul olid kuhagi Muhu rahvariided, aga need on nüüd liiga kitsad ja lühiksesed (kandsin neid, kui olin 7-ne...).
Vanaema oli nõus mulle uued tegema suvefestivali jaoks.
Miks mulle meeldivad Muhu riided...sest minu arvates on need lihtsalt kõige armsamad. Ma pole üldse lähedases seoses Saaremaaga, kui aus olla.

Maybe I can wear this over my neck, as a poncho... YOU KNOW I LOVE THIS SKIRT!

Võibolla saaksin seda oma kaela ümber kanda, nagu pontšo... TE JU TEATE, ET MA ARMASTAN SEDA SEELIKUT!

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  1. minu arust on see vale, et inimesed kannavad rahvarøivaid kohast, millega nad seotud ei ole

  2. I so like those floral shoes!


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