Today we went to see the movie "El camino de los ingleses" ("Summer Rain"). I have to say that I didn't like it. May be I just didn't understand it the way Antonio Banderas wanted me to, but still, It wasn't as good as I thaugh it would be.


So we tried to compensate it with 6 hours of shopping. I didn't buy much- 2 hairbands, nailpolish, a school diary and materials for my DIY project.


Täna käisime vaatamas filmi "El camino de los ingleses" ("Suvevihm"). Ütleks, et mulle see ei meeldinud. Võibolla ma ei saanud sellest lihtsalt nii aru, nagu Antonio Banderas oleks tahtnud, aga siiski, see polnud nii hea, kui ootasin.

Niisis püüdsime seda kompenseerida 6 tunnise shopinguga. Ei ostnud eriti midagi- 2 patsikummi, küünelaki, koolipäeviku ja materjalid mu tänaseks DIY projektiks.

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