Dry cleaning


I'm sure that you agree with me when I say that cleaning your closet is the hardest thing. You are 99% sure, that you're not going to wear half of the things, never, but there's always the 1% that makes you not give up on your clothes.

Little report what happened when we tried to clean Britt's closet.

"OMG! It's size 8, IT's GONNA FIT ME!!!"
"I'm not sure...It's probably shirt for 8 months old children ..."

"You're not helping me! You're just putting on everything you find!"
"I'm helping you! Sort of..."

Here comes another sailoresque outfit...


"Oh lord, it's the Happy Hooker!"

Since Britt's clothes were just AWESOME, I decided to go to the CELLAR! A place where I (probably) had to face my biggest fear- INSECTA!

I found the most gorgeous bag filled with clothes, but it had spiderweb on it, so i couldn't touch it.
So my catch was...

I'm telling you- It was even scarier in real life.

Another dress that I found was this blue one. Its material is...freaky. But other than that it looked pretty.

And finally...THE BOOTS! (4 sizes too small)

Keemiline puhastus

Ma olen kindel, et te nõustute minuga, kui ütlen, et kapi koristamine on kõige raskem. Oled 99% kindel, et ei kanna seda riiet kunagi, aga alati jääb see 1%...

Üleval on reportaaž Briti kapi koristusest.

Kuna Britt leidis nii lahedaid asi, otustasin minna oma KELDRISSE!
Kohta, kus (arvatavasti) pidin vasti seisma oma suurimale hirmule- PUTUKATELE!

Leidsin nagu väga kena koti, täidetud riietega, aga sellel oli ämblikuvõrk, niiet seda ma ei puutunud.

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  1. see on nii naljakas postitus et ma isegi ei õienda, et sa minust nii imeliku pildi ülesse panid :D:D

  2. i know what u mean, spring cleaning can be hard on us :P


  3. @Britt-
    Kui sa julged ämblikke face'da, siis mul on SUUURED kotitäied riideid keldris.
    Lisaks 2+2 ratastega rulluisud ja SUMADAN!

  4. wow, i need to have my friends over next time i clean up my closet, looks like so much fun!

  5. That looks like fun! I love rummaging through other people's clothes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I am adding you to my links list - I am really enjoying reading through your site. :)


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