Õllesummer was great, Franz Ferdinand was even better. It was just so much fun and now my stomach is aching of laughing, honestly.

We made pictures with EVERY mascot we saw and tried LOTS of wigs.

FF was extremely good and so was the audience, but I somehow got in the middle of mosh pit and I had to leave when my foot started bleeding. Then I went to sit down, but in front of us were few Latvians, who had come to the rock concert, but gave us weird looks when we sang along or cheered, I didn't understand.

But since it can't be put in words, here are some pictures.

"When I woke up tonight I said I'm gonna make somebody love me..."

Banana from Spain
Banaan Hispaaniast

I got to the semi finals...gave up then :D
Jõudsin poolfinaali, seal andsin alla :D

Õllesummer oli VÄGA hea, Franz Ferdinand veel parem. Nii lõbus oli, et mu kõht vlutab nüüd naerust, ausalt.

Tegime pilte IGA maskotiga, keda me nägime ja proovisime pähe PALJU parukaid.

FF oli nii hea, publik oli ka, aga kuidagi suutsin ma sattuda moshingu keskele ja pidin istuma minema kui jalg veritsema hakkas. Meie ees olid mingid lätlased, kes tulid küll rokk kontserdile, aga vaatasid meid imelikult, kui me kaasa laulsime või kiljusime, ei saanudki nüüd aru.

Aga kuna kõike ei sa sõnadesse panna, siis üleval on pilte ka.

PS! INDERK GALETIN TEGI MEIST PILTI :D NAGU UOU! (ehk siis oli see väga välja pressitud pilt, selline heyoo oleme siin, aga vahet pole...)

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  1. haha i love your wigs and that banana guy! =]


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