08 July, 2008

Make a dress

I once started making a dress. Then my sewing machine broke and till yesterday I had to live without sewing. It was a torment. Well, so yesterday I found some cut pieces and sew them together. Here's what turned out.

Tee kleit

Hakkasin üks kord kleiti tegema. Siis mu õmblusmasin lakkas töötamast ja kuni eilseni pidin elama ilma õmblemiseta. See oli piin. Igatahes, eile leidsin ma mingid lõigatud tükid ja õmblesin need kokku. Välja tuli kleit.


  1. thanks for the praise mimi! i absolutely love your dress and belt, so amazing. totally adding you to my blog list :)

  2. OMG you are amazing!@ I always thought that making a skirt was hard already. YOU MADE A DRESS! You go girl!!


    i looooove that outfit. the dress especially. it's amazing!

  4. oh wow this is a lovely dress! you're very talented :)

    also thanks for the comment on my blog! ^^

  5. i love that dress! i wish i was that good on my machine.=]


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