I had 2 packages in my mailbox yesterday. One was this bag my mom gift me and the other one was this extra large Hilfiger's men's shirt I had bought long time ago in hopes of making a dress out of it. It turned out to be too short so I just spruced it up a bit, made it smaller and turned it into not so large ladies shirt. I LOVE it's pattern and textile and if I'm not going to wear it I'm definitely making a bag out of it.
Anyways, here's my flight outfit.


And I'm off to Turkey!
EDIT: Britt suggested me to go there in bomb-proof suit, since Turkey is next to Georgia...I just hope I won't be needing it...


Eile oli mu postkasti tulnud kaks pakiteadet. Üks kotile, mille mu ema mulle kinkis ning teine eriti suurele Hilfiger'i meeste särgile, mille ajad tagasi ostsin, lootuses sellest kleit teha. Särk osutus aga liiga lühikeseks, ning otsustasin seda lihtsalt natuke kohedada ja muuta selle mitte nii suureks naiste särgiks. Ma ARMASTAN selle mustrit ja materjali ja kui ma seda kandma ei hakka, siis teen sellest riidest kindlasti mingi koti.
Igatahes, siin on mu lennu-riietus.

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  1. gorgeous outfit!
    i like the bow/ruffle on your shirt, too.


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  3. Fantastic bag and scarf. Have fun in Turkey. I hope it's safe for you as well. My sister visited Turkey once and she really loved it, makes me want to go someday!

  4. I love how you wore the scarf on your shirt. Very very chic.

  5. I love the shirt with the scarf

  6. I love the shirt with the scarf


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