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I really need to buy a new camera. Right now I'm using my old Olympus, with its astonishing 4.0 megapixels- stunner. Now I can remember why I bought a new camera in the first place. On top of that, my keyboard is ruined too- I spilled varnish remover on it...several times. I'm So bad with technical things. Anyhow, I wanted to show you two things- a skirt that my mom wore in 3rd grade (which still fits me) and I want to start using (obviously I can't) and those socks I made few years ago (that come handy with weather like this).


Mul on viimane aeg osta uus kaamera. Preagu kasutan ma oma vana olympust, tema hämmastava 4.0 megapiksliga- uskumatu. Nüüd ma lõpuks mäletan, miks ma ikka uue kaamera ostsin. Lisaks sellele on mu klaviatuur rikutud. Kallasin sellele küünelakieemaldajat- paaril korral. Ma olen nii halb tehniliste asjade omaja. Igatahes, tahtsin hoopis näidata teile kahte asja- seelikut, mida mu ema kandis 3das klassis (see läheb mulle selga veel!) ja mida soovisin kasutama hakata (aga loomulikult ei saa) ja neid villaseid sokke, mis kudusin paar aastat tagasi (mis lähevad sellise ilma tõttu kindlalt käiku).

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  1. "Lisaks sellele o my klaviatuur rikutud"
    et siis... what? :D

  2. Gosh your skirt is adorable!

  3. really cute outfit, I love you hair :)
    Can you tell me how you managed it with you own blog-backround and not having one of the normal ones :)? I really really like your blog!


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