11 August, 2008

Every now and then

I found this lovely fabric in my closet today and I decided to make a tiny coin purse out of it. And of course I put 2 bows on it to decorate it... And made this bigger bow too...

Bows are just pure joy!!! :D


Leidsin täna kapist selle armsa riide ja otsustasin ühe tillukese mündikoti teha sellest.
Ja loomulikult lisasin sellele ka kaks lipsu... Ja tegin ühe suure lipsu ka...


  1. So cute.I love the huge bow

  2. that is so adorable! I love the little bows you have added.

  3. I love that giant bow. Its so darling!!!

  4. YES! i love bows!
    the colour of your bows are so sweet!


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