Hey guys, I'm back. The trip was fantastic and the weather (unlike the weather in Estonia) was great, actually there was a heatwave exactly on that time when we were there and the temperature was between 30°-50°.
But sad news is that my sweetheart Canon ixus 65 decided to break down and we could only make the pictures blindly if at all.

About the things I bought...
a sweet Hello Kitty towel and a TRASH BIN... :D Even the salesgirl laughed at me when I bought it among other things like Turkish Delight, halvah and other souvenirs and said "Very Nice..."

We visited only one big mall and I got a personal shopper there, also a new experience :D I found one absolutely perfect prom dress there, but they didn't have it in my size and since I had trouble taking it off we decided not to buy it.



Turkish eye bracelets

Türgi silma käevõrud


Hei, olen tagasi.
Reis oli fantastiline ja ilm (erinevalt Eesti ilmast) oli suurepärane, tegelikult oli seal küll kuumalaine parasjagu ja temeratuur oli 30°-50° kraadi vahel.

Kuid kurb uudis on see, et mu kullake Canon ixus 65 otsustas katki minna ja pilte saime me teha ainult pimesi, kui üldse.

Türgist ostsin ma armsa Hello Kitty rannarätiku ja PRÜGIKASTI... :D Isegi kassapidaja naeris mu üle kui see halvaade, Turkish Delightide ja muude suveniiride vahel välja tuli ning ütles "Very Nice..."
Külastasime ainult ühte suuremat kaubanduskeskust ja seal oli mul isiklik ostleja (!) :D Leidsin ühe absoluutselt perfektse lõpukleidi sealt, aga neil polnud mu suurust ja kuna mul oli probleeme selle seljast saamisega otsustasime selle ostmata jätta.

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  1. WOW great photos. i love all those beads.

    hope you had a great time,


  2. Haha love the eye bracelets.. its funny, there are still people believing in that shit


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