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When searching for a list of boutiques, second-hands, malls, vintage boutiques, flea markets or thrift stores in Tallinn, or even Estonia you'll end up with nothing. I have found out that there's no such thing. And since so many lost souls come to my blog with that aim, I decided to put this list together.

I'm writing this list about central Tallinn, but you have to remember, that best second-hands, costume stores and vintage boutiques are not situated in central Tallinn. If you are planning to take a grand tour of those you should count on cities like Rapla (my favorite for vintage shopping, and is not far from Tallinn), Viljandi (beautiful and full of small stores, but far from Tallinn), Tartu (really-really beautiful city, you should def. visit it!) or Elva (pretty small and common, but filled with small shops)

So here it goes:

  1. Reet Aus - Müürvahe 19, Old Town (map)

    Her goal is to create for needs, not to create needs. Important keywords are environment, locality, ecology and appreciating design.
    Her open studio brings together boutique and studio, where in the same environment clothes for sale and individual design for come byers are made.

    From Reet Aus' boutique you can find different natural and envoirnmental products from Dr Hauschka's natural cosmetics to handmade lacy cardigan.

  2. Rotermanni Kaubamaja - Rotermanni 5 (map)
    Mall in the downtown of Tallinn, where you can find many designer- and internationally known boutiques that can satisfy every fashion knowing persons needs.
    Cosy and classy stores give you joy of discovering and positive emotions.

    Has stores like Guess, Gant, Lacoste, S'nob, Pepe Jeans and many more.

  3. Nu Nordik - Vabaduse Väljak 8
    Nu Nordik is specializing in young Estonian designers and fashion. Brilliant and nifty clothes, furniture and everything else. A favourite of Estonian streetstyle blog Just Glitter Lust.


  4. Foorum - Narva mnt. 5
    Business street Foorum has 20 stores, a dayspa, bank and cafes'restaurants.
    Attracts people with its huge golden egg, hanging gardens and luxorious luxurious interior.

    Includes stores like Calvin Klein Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Replay, Morgan, Friis & Company and many more.

  5. Viru Keskus - Viru väljak 4
    Viru Keskus is the Fashion Mecca of Tallinn, at least so says the homepage. It's the heart of the capital city, gemutlich venue, entertainment centre and bearer of trendy culture.

    Viru Keskus has over 100 different stores and services including fashion counseling, tourist info, ticket service and bauty salon.

  6. Fashion Palace - Uus 4b, Old Town
    For all lovers of expensive brands like Gucci, Prada, Dolce&Gabbana. Also YSL and Juicy Couture and many others.

  7. Seventy 3 - Vana-Viru 9, Old Town
    Above all it's a jeans store, but it offers great selection of Pepe Jeans' other products from coats to accessories.

    Original image

  8. Fornarina - Vana-Viru 8, Old Town
    Italian fashion for young ladies in the Old Town. The store is filled with colourful garments, some more and some less skimpy. Beside clothes, the store has a selection of shoes, bags and accessories.

  9. Motel Paradise - Rävala pst. 7
    Street style shop in downtown of Tallinn, also a trysting place.

    Original image

  10. Le Coq Sportif - Uus 7, Old Town (map)
    Sports- and streetstyle store.

  11. Stockmann - Liivalaia 53
    Stockmann sells many known brands like Mexx, Fcuk and Armani. It also has great food section with many products that are sold only there.

  12. Delagardie, West Sport, Mosaic - Viru 13, 14, 22, Old Town
    These stores are situated in the old town and are really close to each other. Delagardie has a gold store, also stores like Lindex and Jack and Jones, West Sport sells O'Neill, Pepe Jeans and Adidas, Mosaic is an Estonian brand and the Viru store sells clothes for women.

  13. Katariina Käik - Vene I-3, Old Town
    A string of tastefully done craft studios/shops in medieval buildings sell handmade wares that are made on the spot, from leather and hats to glass and quilts. You can also see how those things are made.

  14. Teresa Showroom - Pikk 35, Old Town
    This boutique sells exclusive few times or never worn clothes and accessories. The store also sells lots of stage clothes or casual clothes form Estonian stars.
    You have to make an appointment or register before you can actually go to that boutique, so here's the number with the area code: +372 56 468 752

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  1. looks like there are some great stores, I wish they would be over here...

  2. I been to Tallin, but maybe I should try those other cities as well. I am half Estonian after all. I only wish I could speak the language :(

  3. hi!! youre so cute. thank u!! ahah

  4. I'm an international student studying art in Tallinn (EKA). I am a woman with an interest in androgynous/menswear for women sort of thing. My limited budget is also an issue. :/ I like some things I find at Zara in Viru Keskus. Zara's prices fit in my price range usually as well. Not sure if you check your messages but recommendations would be much appreciate! Beautiful site and tips for Tallinn! thankyou so much -K

  5. You should try maybe Bershka that's near Rotermann, it's much like Zara. But other than that, I can't really think of any other stores at the moment.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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