In the zone, Boyzone


Today me and Britt had a mission to find this vintage boutique "Fling" in the Old Town. We didn't, I guess it doesn't exist anymore. That's a bummer, because I was really looking forward going to that store. But since we were already there we decided to visit Balti Depot's marketplace. I finally popped Britt's second-hand cherry when encouraging her to buy her first second-hand piece- a navy belt with gorgeous buckle and to visit second-hand stores with me. I found one REALLY pretty coat, but it was too heavy and I decided not to buy it.


In the zone, Boyzone

Täna oli meil Britiga missiooniks leida vintage butiik "Fling" vanalinnas. Me ei leidnud seda ja ma pole eriti kindel, et see eksisteeribki veel. Nõme, sest tahtsin sinna väga minna.
Igatahes, kuna juba olime seal pool, otsustasime külastada ka Balti Jaama turgu. Britt kaotas oma second-hand'i süütuse, ostes navy sinise vöö ja külastades minuga erinevaid kaltsukaid. Endale leidsin VÄGA kena Topshopi mantli, aga see oli liiga raske ja otsustasin selle mitte osta.

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  1. boyzone is vintage? hehehe
    your outfit is effortless. adore!

    care to do a step-by-step on how u did beautiful bows =)

    yes, lets exchange links!


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