I honestly am. I haven't had time to look for new camera, so no new pictures in this post. But I can just tell you some things that have happened.
Britt, darling, gave me bag of studs, so I studded one black leather bag and pair of knee highs.
Today I had this shopping day with the stylist I was telling you about. I bought one shirt, designed with feathers. Lately I've seen many so beautiful 'feathered' shirts. I also really like this Edun's tee.

Mine is from Mango.

I will take pictures of it on me, when I get new camera, but this is Alice Dellal wearing the shirt.

And something strange happened too. I like one Miley Cyrus' song. I still think her voice is pretty annoying, but the song is so...catchy :D


Mul pole aega olnud, et uut kaamerat otsida, niiet uusi pilte siia postitusse ei tule. Aga võin rääkida asjadest mis toimunud on.
Britt, kullake, andis mulle koti neetidega, niiet neetisin ära musta nahkkoti ja paari põlvikuid.
Täna käisin selle stilistiga, kellest rääkisin, shoppamas. Ostsin ühe särgi.
Ja midagi imelikku juhtus ka. Mulle hakkas üks Miley Cyruse laul meeldima. Ma arman siiski, et ta hääl on päris tüütu, aga see laul...see on nii kaasakiskuv :D

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  1. nojah veab kui nii hea sõber on kes tasuta neete annab........

  2. wow, tasuta needid? hea sõps sul :P

  3. Mina küll oma sõbra eest pluusi ära ei ostaks... needid igaljuhul on kipad :D:D:D

  4. arva ära kes ma olen

  5. i love your style and i have been wanting one of these feather type t's for a while now! lol awesome post!


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