I've been pretty obsessed with stud for a while now, but the only studded thing I own is this plain pink one row studded belt. When I get time to buy some studs I'm planning to make...

...<-these out of these-> since I haven't been able to find studded knee highs anywhere. I even don't know if things like studded knee highs exist...


Olen juba pikka aega neetidest vaimustuses olnud, aga ainus neetidega asi mida ma oman on tavaline roosa üherealine vöö. Kui aega saan, siis ostan mõned needid ja teen endale sellised põlvikud, sest pole neid poodides näinud ja ei teagi, kas üldse ongi sellised kusagil.

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  1. you should definitely make them!

  2. hey-
    i just recently became a blogger myself and stumbled upon your blog.
    you have great ideas and creativity and i love your template.
    i will be reading from now on!

    xo K

  3. hey thx for your comment!
    yes the black ones are cute, aren't they? plus i think i would wear them a lot more...
    they will definitely be a purchase when i come into a windfall of money, haha.

    xo K

  4. yes yes..make them....they are definitely cool..:)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love your blog! The layout is adorable! Those socks are awesome! And how cute is your icon!!! I would love to exchange links! :)

  7. that would be so cool if you made those! great idea.

  8. I love those glasses. Unfortunally I lost them at the festival, and it's the SECOND time I loose them this summer, both of the times at a festival. So no more heartglasses for me, cute blog btw:)


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