30 August, 2008

Sweet frosted donut

I found this totally adorable site called PINC.STUFF and if they ship to Estonia I'll probably order many things from there. They make those absolutely cute miniature sweets and sushis and tofus and other lovely cuties and you may know what a junkie I am for such things so...

Aren't they CUTE! And you can WEAR them! :D

You can buy them from Etsy.

Magus glasuuritud sõõrik

Leidsin sellise väga hea lehekülje nagu PINC.STUFF ja kui nad saadavad Eestisse siis arvatavasti tellin ma neilt päris mitu asja. Nad valmistavad selliseid absoluutselt armsaid miniatuurseid maiustusi ja sushisid ja tofusid ja muid imelisi asju ja võite arvata milline sõltlane ma neist asjadest olen, niiet...

Asju võite osta nende Etsyst.


  1. now i am hungry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That´s cute.. I´ll probably eat them.. haha:D

  3. Very very nice! :D
    Like your blog (and the outfits at 02 september).


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