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Back from the show. My feet is killing me and I'm having a hard time taking off the eye liner, but it was SO worth it.
Liisi Eesmaa's collection was mindblowing, so was the demonstration. And I finally got the see my all time role model/idol Liisi herself, I admire her so much.
I absolutely fell in love with Reet Aus's collection too. It was made completely out of recycled materials.
The place where the fashion show took place was really creepy from the outside and so deep yet cozy inside.

I didn't get any good pictures, I'm still gonna post few.

Liisi Eesmaa's collection with lights and plexiglas.

Reet Aus' collection from recycled jeans.

Androidi ladu

Olen show'lt tagasi. Mu jalad valutavad ja mul on raskusi laineri eemaldamisega, aga see on seda väärt. Vägagi.
Liisi Eesmaa kollektsioon oli meeliülendav, nagu ka selle esitlus. Ja sain lõpuks ka näha oma iidolit ja eeskuju, Liisit ise. Ma imetlen teda väga.
Ma täiesti armusin Reet Ausi kollektsiooni. See oli täiesti taaskasutatud materjalidest tehtud.
Ja moeshow leidis aset väga hirmsas kohas. Vähemalt nii tundus väljast. Kuid seest oli see päris hubane.

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  1. awesome! Looks like a wonderful time was had definitely :)


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