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I know it took me a LONG while, but I've finally Done It Myself. I first tried to stonewash my jeans, it did not work out. Then I tried to tie-dye my leggings, that didn't come out as good as I hoped also.
But this it what I made this week.
I turned these white leggings and this white knitted 'I don't know what' into purpleish things. I am quite happy with the result, because I had no idea how it was going to come out because I used some really old Textile Colours I had never used before (Lefranc & Bourgerois' French Blue mixed with Oriental Red)

Odava elamuse otsijad

Ma tean, et mul läks sellega VÄGA kaua aega, aga olen lõpuks saanud vailmis oma DIY asjad. Kõige pealt üritasin teha 'kivipesu jean'se' :D, see ei tulnud välja. Siis püüdsin sukapükse batika tehnikas värvida ning see ei õnnestunud samuti.
Aga siin on see, mis tegin sellel nädalal.
Värvisin valged sukad ja selle kootud valge kampsuni
lillakaks. Ja olen tulemusega päris rahul, sest mul polnud õrna aimugi, mis välja võib tulla, sest kasutasin mingeid vanu tekstiili värve, mimida mida ma polnud varem kasutanud (Lefranc & Bourgerois' French Blue segatud Oriental Red'iga)

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  1. Ja sa ütlesid, et minu juuksed on perseni. vaata palun 1. pilti! :D

  2. Very cool stuff!!
    Love the tights =]

    Oh, and your hair makes me jealous. It's so pretty (:

  3. Omg. I love your blog. How'd you do the layout? Ugh. And, would you like to link up? :)

  4. Your tights are so unique & fun! I love the bow you added too! So adorable :)

  5. I absolutely LOVE all your bows!!
    I reckon you should make a category devoted to them :)
    And, it's really inspired me to try make some myself again, last time I tried they all screwed up


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