I have no new outfits to post. It has 3 reasons - lack of time and funding, and STILL no camera. I honestly am looking for new one.
Yesterday was my first Swedish lesson, I absolutely loved it.
Ooh, and I forgot to tell you one exciting news- I saw Carmen Kass just the other day, :D and speaking of common ancestry, I just love the dress Kerli Kõiv was wearing at the Universal Music Group party in Tallinn.
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Mul ei ole ühtegi uut outfit'i lisada. Sellel on 3 põhjust - raha- ning aja puudus ja IKKA VEEL pole mu kaamerat. Ma ausalt ka otsin ikka veel.
Eile oli mu esimene rootsi keele tund, see oli VÄGA tore.
Ooh, ja mul oli veel üks hea uudis- ma nägin üks päev Carmen Kassi, :D ja ühisest päritolust rääkides, ma täiesti armastan seda kleiti, mida Kerli Kõiv Universal Music Group'i peol Tallinnas kandis.
[Mine ja kuula nüüd mu blogi uut tunnuslaulu!]

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  1. Oh, you don't have a camera? you can make those DIY stuff u made and sell them...hehe. Canon is real good, I have no complaints.

  2. her dress is super amazingly cool

  3. Lovely dress, it's gorgeous! I can definitely see why you love it. And that's so cool that you saw Carmen Kass the other day :D

  4. Hej!
    So fun that you reed swedish! :) (I´m from Sweden)
    But i have to ask why? do you have relatives here in Sweden or do you just do it for fun? :)

  5. Hej Ellis, :)
    Jag gör det eftersom jag älskar svenska och jag skulle vilja åka till svenska universitet i framtiden.
    This must have million mistakes in it, but I hope you understand :D

  6. Jaha okej vad roligt! :) och klart jag förstog det var ju nästan inget misstag alls! :)

    If you don´t understand everything i write in english too:
    soo fun! :) and ofcourse i understand it was almost no mistakes! :D

  7. Omg it totally did not connect:
    You're Estonian, Carmen Kass is Estonian.
    I love Carmen Kass. She has the sassiest walk and just these flirty eyes, I can't describe how much I love watching her on the runway.

    And you got to meet her! Oh you lucky, lucky girl! :) All the best with your Swedish, it looks incredibly difficult but I'm sure you'll do great.



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