Saying goodbye to floral dresses and skirts


Estonia is supposed to have 4 seasons containing very hot summer and extremely cold winter. Well, let's think about the summer- we had one un-rainy day and I wasn't even in Estonia on the day. Now, autumn is supposed to start in 2 days. And I'm already feeling like wearing my winter coat (which I don't have yet, because the winter's not that cold anymore and the one I used to wear is too warm for 'Estonian winter').
Anyhow, enough about whining, this is my goodbye.

The MTV baby is supposed to symbolize the cold winter that's ahead of us...Okay, I'm lying, I was just feeling random and that pretty much explains the baby.

Shoes - Marc by Marc Jacobs | Skirt - Selfmade | Everything else - Vintage

Hüvasti lillelised kleidid ja seelikud

Eestis peaks põhimõtteliselt olema 4 aastaaega- väga kuum suvi ja eriti külm talv. Noh, mõtleme natuke suvele- meil oli 1 vihmavaha päev ja ma polnud sellel päeval isegi siin.
Nüüd peaks 2 päeva pärast algama ametlik sügis ja juba ma tahaks talve mantliga käia (mida mul pole, sest see mis mul hetkel om on liiga soe 'eesti talve' jaoks).

Igatahes, aitab vingumisest, see on mu hüvastijätt.

MTV beebi peaks sümboliseerima seda külma talve, mis meid ees ootab... Okei, valetan, mul oli lihtsalt tahtmine midagi juhuslikku pildile lisada ja see põhimõtteliselt seletab ka beebi...

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  1. aaah this is so sweet :D
    i love it!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog! And about my necklaces, it was just pure coincidence that I found the antique one. I was walking around on a fleamarket and I found it. And the other one I got in a jewellery shop. Hope you can find something like it soon!

  3. OMG you look fantastic. That skirt is so cute on you. You're like a human baby-doll.

  4. Gorgeous dress!
    And THANKS for commenting on my new little blog :) made me super happy that someone noticed it!
    And, I thought I'd mention that me and my best friend Ruby always follow a country we don't know much about in the Olympics, and this time around we chose ESTONIA..crazy coincidence!
    Thanks again,


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