5 things I thaught you should know I love


  1. Amelie. I've watched this movie a billion times and I understand more about it every time. Enrapturing storyline, moving soundtrack and enchanting characters make this movie so good that you don't want it to end. And if I feel bad, I watch the French trailer of Amelie and it always makes me feel full of joy.

  2. Jaan Tätte. He is an Estonian singer whose songs have simple and pure meanings and great melodies. I mean, we had to SAIL to his concert, how awesome is that- people rent a boat to listen to you. But he's wort it.

  3. The style of Betty Suarez. Okay, I'm not a fan of the Guadalajara poncho, but all those gorgeous blouses with neckties and sweaters and vest, I just love her.

  4. Russian Culture. There was time when my favorite song was the national anthem of Russia. And then matryoshka- it's BRILLIANT. Unique arts, rich cuisines and everything kitsch-kitsch.

  5. Edward Gorey. How brilliant is he? And his books of verse are first in my wishlist at the moment.

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  1. I love Edward Gorey! Makes the bad days easier to laugh at. :)

  2. Amelie is so good :) I have to ask if you understand finnish? I know that finnish and estonian are kind of similar, but i have very much difficulties to understand anything in estonian, only some words...

  3. jaan tätte on lihtsalt super ja betty stiil on ka päris kihvt. :)

  4. Heide, I understand just a bit, when It's written, but not spoken. But still, only a little bit, not much- I get the point from the words that are similar.

  5. I think that every women loves Amelie:D

  6. Ah Amelie :) I watched it again for the 678976th time yesterday.
    You have such lovely style.

  7. Haha, I love just about everything on your list. Amelie especially, such a lovely movie!

  8. Wow, I like to watch Amelie but I have no time. Aww, tsk.

  9. i ADORE amelie poulain! it's like one hell of a classic film! you speak finnish? that's amazing! i speak english, spanish, french and a little japanese..
    but still..finnish, it sounds so cool!
    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
    i'll be sure to check out yours more often!

  10. heys :)
    thanks for coming past my blog.
    can i just say i am loving yours!
    you have some really amazing photos!
    keep up the fab work


  11. selline küsmus, et kus te käite Brittiga neid riideid ostmas+ (see suur mingi lao moodi koht, kus needhallid lipsuga kingad olid vms )

  12. ohhhhhh I love Amelia too...a lot of people deosnt understand this movie...two option: hate it or love it..I choice sec ;)...thanks for your comment !!

  13. AMELIE!!! That's one thing I want for Christmas, that DVD. I rented it once and watched it over and over and over and over! It makes me feel so happy!

  14. I absolutly love the movie about Amelie. It makes me want to go to Paris. Whats the name of the cut book at the end? I sounds fantastic!

  15. It's a page from "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" by Edward Gorey

  16. I love Betty's style as well, it's really evolved nicely this season.

  17. Amelie on tõesti väga-väga hea film. Ma ei oleks kunagi arvanud, et keegi minuga samal arvamusel on ja et kellelegi võiks meeldida Betty stiil :D


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