I found this awesome book just the other day. It's called "pride of estonia. made in estonia" and it was made because of Estonia's jubilee year this year. The book consists of the best products made by 13 Estonian companies during the 90 years and there are SO many great pictures in it. It also has interesting stories from real life- where the items are from, how they were made and everything connected to it.

"Even though it was the early spring of 1944, we thought we'd try to have our final school party come hell or water. There was little food to be had, so we made sandwiches of what everyone had at home. We made the school medals and insignia at Tavast. No one paid for anything in cash, we payed in cigarettes or silver. We all got our medals. That was the 4th of March, the 9th of March was the bombing of Tallinn. The same autumn I fled Estonia and was never able to come back for good."

"In the early 80s, Kommunaar started making wood-soled shoes. This seemed to bring something worldly and sophisticated into our homes, as before such shoes were only something you'd find in the homes of people with relatives abroad. In those days, fairs took place in the summer, where the main point was to sell merchandise that ordinarily was only to be found via black market channels. In any event I and my sister had a plan to buy ourselves modern wooden shoes and so we went to the Põlva fair. We were there in the wee hours of the morning to be first in line. The coveted shoes were ours! Although yes, I had to take a size smaller than I would have liked because my size was especially popular and ran out quickly."


Leidsin paar päeva tagasi selle väga huvitava raamatu "eesti uhkus. tehtud eestis". See koostati Eesti Vabariigi Juubeliaasta raames ja see koosneb 13 Eesti firma parimast toodangus 90 aasta jooksul. Selles on palju huvitavaid pilte ja lugusid. (lugusid loe piltide alt)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is awesome! I love the pictures in that book, especially of the rings.

  2. thanks for the comment about my bag. My parents got it for me when they were in Israel and it is so awesome. It clashes with everything in the most delightful way. They strap actually broke recently and i have not fixed it very well so I probably shouldnt be using it, but it just goes with everything imo.
    I love the cover of the book, seems liek something that would look nice on my wall


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