Autumnal Letters


I'm back from the break that turned out to be way to long.
Yesterday I made star rolls with Britt in my summer cottage. We listened to our favorite album "Estonian 60's" and drank cocktails.
Today we decided to take a garden cart, fill it with clothes and walk the cart to the forest.

[PS! You have to listen to the new Theme Song of my blog! It's one song from that album we listened yesterday and it's about how love can make you rich, or something :D]

Sügisesed kirjad

Olen pausilt, mis liiga pikaks oli kujunenud, tagasi.
Eile tegime me Britiga mu suvekodus tähesaiu ja kuulasime meie lemmikalbumit "Eesti 60'nendad" ja jõime kokteile.
Täna otsustasime aga aiakäru riietega täita ja sellega metsa jalutada.

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  1. i love impromptu photoshoots. Sweet hat and coat!

  2. I want to be in the forest too, but I cant ._. , hugs!

  3. Britt is cute in that red cap. :)


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