Today I did all the shopping I needed to do. I got everything I wanted and even more- 3 canvas', big tube of white oil paint, 2 shirts and some things I needed for my next D.I.Y.
And 2 pieces I ordered from Etsy arrived too, they're lovely. What a successful day!
If only the grapefruit juice hadn't flowed into my bag and ruined my Swedish textbook. But I evened it out with watching Amelie and painting.


Tegin täna kõik ostud mida vaja teha oli ära. Sain kõik mis vaja ja rohkemgi veel- 3 lõuendit, suure tuubi valget õlivärvi, 2 särki ja mõned asjad, mida D.I.Y'ks vaja oli.
Ja 2 asja, mis ma Etsy'st tellisin jõudsid ka kohale, need on kenda. Milline õnnestunud päev!
Kui ainult greibimahl poleks mu kotti laiali valgunud ja my rootsi keele õpikut ära rikkunud. Aga selle tegi heaks õhtune Amelie vaatamine ning maalimine.

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  1. hee thanks, i like the shirts you've purchased =)

  2. Oh painting is such a good way to relax... cute shirts too!

  3. The tee with the lady is beautiful :)

  4. Thanks so much for comment. I love your blog, so inspirational!

  5. i absoutely love that black "painted" shirt. it's brilliant.

  6. Those shirts are really awesome. Nice and graphic

  7. Oh I love the tees
    and the rose(?) earrings!

  8. Look at those shirts!!! I love them!

  9. i really love those 2 tshirts you bought!! very graphic and cool!

  10. Thank you! I try real hard to find the right pictures and the right feeling in the blog :)

  11. I totally love those T-shirts! :)

  12. I LOOVE the t-shirts
    are you going to post your painting?


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