Today was very productive. I dyed my hair, finished one simple, but in my opinion lovely painting, started working on one of my D.I.Y's and ate lots of chocolate and other sweets my grandparents brought from Tunisia.

Oh, and lovely Kirke wrote about me in her blog- thank you dear! :)
[And since I drank WAY too many cups of coffee, I'll probably stay up all night and add something to my layout, so be aware]

Cocoa with white- and dark chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallows, nonpareils and cinnamon.


Tänane päev oli väga produktiivne. Ma värvisin juukseid, lõpetasin ühe lihtsa, aga enda arvates kena maali, alustasin mõne D.I.Y'ga tegelemist ning sõin palju šokolaadi ja teisi maiustusi, mis vanavanemad Tuneesiast tõid.
Oh, ja armas Kirke kirjutas minust enda blogis- aitäh! :)
[Ja kuna ma jõin täna LIIGA palju kohvi, siis olen ma arvatavasti terve öö üleval ja te võite oodata ka mingit sorti uuendust layout'ile, niiet olge valmis]

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  1. It's so pretty, very Alice in Wonderland... I'd probably just want to look at as opposed to actually drinking it!


  2. I adore the photography in your blog! Whenever I take pictures of objects, they always come out so ugly

  3. omg the marshmallows look so nice! (: perfect for winter....sigh i miss summer already! (;

  4. Mis on D.I.Y? :D

  5. D.I.Y on Do It Yourself, ehk, ee... :D

  6. the cocoa looks super yummy

  7. Aitäh, sain nüüd targemaks :)

  8. mmmmm the cocoa looks unbelievable tasty;D

  9. aww thank you for the comment :D
    mmm that concoction looks so yummy!!!


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