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Today we decided to go to Stockmann to buy TOOTHPASTE. It's a good-mood-suicide going there at the moment because of the sale there ("Crazy Days"), it reminds me of toy stores at the Christmas times. Anyhow, we got the toothpaste and I also bought the most gorgeous high-waisted pencil skirt what turned out to be one size too big for me. I realized that when I got home, I'm desperate.
My mom told me that she had found one electric blue coat and I was looking forward to seeing it, but it turned out to be too big from waist and the sleeves were too short. So today is not jsut my day. :/

Everything on this picture is vintage


Täna otsustasime minna Stockmanni et osta HAMBAPASTAT. Praegusel ajal sinna minna on nagu hea-tuju-enesetapp. Meenutab mänguasjapoes jõulude ajal käimist. Igatahes saime me oma hambapasta ja ma ostsin ka maailma perfektsema kõrge värvliga pliiats-seeliku, mis koju jõudes osusutus liiga suureks.
Ja mu ema ütles mulle, et ta leidis ühe elektrisinise mantli ja ma ootasin väga selle nägemist, aga tuli välja, et see oli keskelt liiga lai ja varrukad olid liiga lühikesed. Täna pole lihtsalt minu päev. :/

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  1. i really like that sweater and the picture is so pretty, very serene

  2. võib ma kirjutan sinust enda blogis millalgi natuke, kui mul rohkem aega on ? :)

    mulle ülimalt meeldivad su pildid ja kõik ;)

  3. What a great idea, belting sweaters!

  4. pretty girl
    really like the pics.


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