That's not fair


We had charity fair today at school. We were raising money to for dog pounds. Basically, everyone could bring their old things to school and sell them. I bought a jewelry box and earrings.

My classmate bought the most gorgeous royal blue and golden necklace and Ray-Ban Clubmasters right before me. Sadly we have the same taste.
If you are Estonian, you can see a clip of the fair on the 7 o'clock news today. (or some day)
[Video Clip]

See pole aus

Täna oli meil koolis heategevus-laat. Koguti raha koertevarjupaikade toetuseks. Põhimõtteliselt, igaüks võis tuua oma vanu asju kooli ja teised said neid osta. Mina ostsin endale ühe ehtekarbi ja kõrvarõngad.

Mu klassiõe saak oli muidugi parem- ta sai endale kuningsinise ning kuldsega kaelakee ning Ray-Ban Clubmaster'id just enne mind. Kahjuks on meil sama maitse.

Sa võid näha mingit klippi laada kohtu seitsmestes uudistes ka täna. (või mõni teine päev...)

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  1. Very cool stuff! Sounds like you had a good time :)

  2. oh what a fantastic idea to raise money.. great finds!

  3. wow love the raybans. they've been on my "Must buy" list for the longest time.

    the vintage feel to all ur pics are so super-cool! ((:

    thanks for the sweet comments too <3

  4. hea jälle näha oma tuttavaid kuldseid kõrvarõngaid :D, ma viisin kaelakee ka müüki, aga selle said mingid poisid minuarust..


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