Water for my soul when it gets thirtsy


Yesterday I went thrifting with Britt. It started out really bad because one salesperson/guardian in the store started screaming at us in Russian, because we took photos there (at least I guess it was about that, cause I didn't understand anything more than "FOTO!!!"). But they had no mirror there and we had to take photos, otherwise we couldn't see how we looked.

Then Britt found the most GORGEOUS pair floral ovearalls. It was perfect. I was mad.
EDIT: She sold them to me!!!

I got a pair of glasses, a pez, white jumpsuit, skirt and a scarf.

After that we ran to the tram and rode back to downtown to eat something. The steak was extremely bad and I only ate nachos and chili chocolate mousse with mango salsa and waffles (YUM).
And, one again I'm addicted to Nerds. Those tiny, tangy cruchy candies are so hard to give up. Here goes my sugar addiction's cute. Well, I'll just have to start all over the next week.

Vesi mu hingele kui see on janus

Eile käisime Britiga triftimas. Meie päev algas väga halvasti, sest müüginaine/valvur hakkas laos meie peale vene keeles karjuma, sest me pildistasime üksteist, kuna seal puudus peegel ja me tahtsime näha, millised me välja näeme.

Siis leidis Britt endale VÄGA kenad lillelised lühikesed traksipüksid. Need olid perfektsed.
EDIT: Ta müüs need mulle!!!

Endale leidsin ma prillid, pezi, valge jupsuiti, seeliku ja rätiku.

Pärast seda jooksime me trammile ja sõitsime tagasi kesklinna, et midagi süüa. Minu liha oli kohutav ja ma sõin ainult nachosid ja tšilli šokolaadi kreemi mango salsa ja vahvlitega.

Ja, taaskord olen ma Nerdsidest sõltuvuses. Ja siia läheb minu suhrusõltuvusest lahti saamise kuur. Alustan siis järgmine nädal uuesti...

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  1. well you are estonian, amiright? you would have one like it. i love them and they are perfect. i'm estonian, too. haha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi!
    i found you through lookbook :)
    ilove your pics!

  4. The glasses and the romper are so nice.

  5. I found your blog through lookbook and added it to my bookmarks right away, absolutely love it! There are a couple of questions I'd like to ask though! I read your older entries and you mentioned something about Swedish classes. Are you still taking them and how much have you learned so far? Secondly, how tall are you, if you don't mind me asking :) Keep up the amazing work! and ps: I envy your hair.

  6. Thank you Mari, :)
    I'm still taking the Swedish classes and I have learned the basics of speaking the language. I'm pretty sure it's the easiest foreign language I have ever learned, also the most beautiful.
    And I am 173cm. (5'8") tall :)

  7. Wow the shoes are making me hyperventilate.
    I love the onepiece, boy what a find

  8. That floral jumpsuit is amazing. The glasses are sweet too.

  9. sa said need prillid paavlist ? :D
    mulle muidu väga meeldib su blogi peav ütlema .

  10. I love that shoes with bows:)

  11. Oh.My.God that floral jumpsuit is to die for! This has made my day!
    Wonderful blog btw and that thrift shop looks like an Aladdin's cave of immenseness..

  12. those shoes with the bows in the back are absolutely to DIE FOR!!!

    excellent choices!
    lovein' the blog!

  13. tohib küsida, kus kohas te asju ostmad käisite?

  14. Me käisime Paavli kaltsukas Koplis.


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