Browned off


The constant wind and rain is starting to bore me. When I started walking home from my china painting class I thought I was gonna be blown over by the wind. I remember that on last year's goose feast we already had had our first snow. There's no signs of that this year. We had short cold wave and in Otepää, though. They already started the snow cannons and you can basically ski (?) and the snowtubbing track is open too (?). I wish they'd open the ice rink in the Old Town too.

[Yes, I already took out my first Christmas songs CD this year...]
Coat - Vintage | Jeans - Cheap Monday
Tote - One Way | Boots - Helsinki

Surmani tüdinud

Pidev tuul ja vihm on väga ära tüüdanud. Kui ma eile portselani tunnist kuju jalutasin oli tuul nii tugev, et see oleks ääre pealt pikali lükanud. Ma mäletan, et eelmise aasta mardipäeval oli vist esimene lumi juba ära sadanud. Sellel aastal pole seda vist loota. Otepääl on vist külmem, seal avati snotubbing (?) ja saab suusatada (?). Harjumäe luiväli võiks igatahes avatud juba olla...

PS. Ma võtsin täna välja oma selle aasta esimese jõululaulude plaadi!

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  1. Thanks a lot!
    Thank God it´s not raining here in Southampton today. yesterday was a complete disaster, got blown away.
    Where do you live?

  2. I feel cold just thinking about it!

  3. caroline, I live in Estonia :)

  4. haha, girl, i live in mexico. haven't seen snow in nearly 5 years!
    moreover, it's like still summer here. i'd kill for a little rain or cold!


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