Happy Father's Day for everyone here in Estonia! And also happy goose feast Saturday! :D
I just wanted to show you two paintings I painted for decorating my plain wall. I want to make lots and lots of different paintings for that wall and add picture frames in unusual shapes.
I visited my aunt today. She gave me a HUGE bag of clothes, belts and scarves including floral jacket and Lacoste shorts. And I got a fur coat from my grandmother. I'll show you them later and when days here get less rainy, we'll (me and Britt) make a photoshoot too.

Silhouette and Fafinette duo

Cranberry cupcakes for my grandfather


Head isedepäeva! Ja head mardilaupäeva ka! :D
Tahtsin tegelikult lihtsalt näidata kahe maali. Tegin need ühele seinale, mis oli väga tühi. Kunagi on plaanis veel lihtsaid maale ning erinevate kujudega pildiraame sinna lisada.
Ma käisin täna oma tädi juures ka ning ta andis mulle HÄSTI suure koti riideid, vöid ja rätikuid mis sisaldas ka lillelist jakki ning Lacoste lühikesi pükse. Vanaemalt sain aga karusnahast mantli. Pildid neist lisan kunagi hiljem ja kui päevad siin muutuvad vähem vihmaseks läheme Britiga pildistama ka.

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  1. I totally adore the black head you painted!
    It's totally amazing.

  2. Lovely paintings! Those cupcakes look like delicious...

  3. You are an amazing artist, and those cupcakes look so good.

  4. Oh wow! Great painting! That picture by Fafi is my absolute favorite, I have a print out hanging on my wall right now! :) I think your blog is beautiful, I will continue reading :) :)

  5. wow you sure are talented! I wish i could have some of those treats... i love your blog!

  6. omg i just found your blog and i'm so in love <3 greetings from finland :)

  7. Wow, its father's day there?! Ours is over already. Those cookies look delicious <3


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