DIY pins


I'v been looking for a cute Christmas theme pin for a long time now. And when Britt found these absolutely cute flatbacks I knew I had to buy them. I'm going to glue something like safety pin on their backs and there you are- a lovely set of holiday pins.
I also found some old Christmas decorations that I'm also turning into pins.

DIY prossid

Ma olen nüüd juba pikka aega otsinud armsaid jõuluteemaisi prosse. Ja kui Britt leidis need täiesti armsad kleebitavad kaunistused, siis ma teadsin, et pean need ostma. Ma kavatsen neile midagi haaknõelataolist taha kleepida ja palun- kena komplekt pühade prosse.
Me leidsin ka mõned vanad jõulukaunistused mille kavatsen ka prossideks muuta.

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  1. Hi,

    Lovely pins! Real Christmas feeling.
    I have a reindeer pin. MaxMara! I will wear it at the time of Christmas. :D

    xoxo: Janet

  2. Milliseid moedokumentaale sa PÖFFil vaatad? Või plaanis kõiki näha?

  3. Ma lähen vaatama "Kujuta mind: ühe modelli päevik", "Valentino: viimane keiser" ja "Viktor & Rolf: sest me oleme seda väärt!" :)

  4. Thank you!
    I like your blog!

  5. so cute!
    i love the last one with the bow
    very creative. maybe i should try :)

  6. This is such a great idea ! I like it !


    loe uut postitust

  8. Oh Christmas! :D I'm so excited!!! Merry christmas everyone haha;P

  9. oh damn, what a great idea! stunning!

  10. OOhh it's too cute! Lovely idea!

  11. cute blog... i love the ribbons..

    do drop by my blog n show some love :o)


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