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Today we spent a really cultural Saturday. We started it with a tour in the art museum KUMU and since I had the opportunity to be one of Monton fashiondocumentaries' blogger I got choose the movies I wanted to see. Today's movie "Picture Me: A Model's Diary" was about a model named Sara Ziff. About her, discovering the fashion world and her success. She was so smart and honest and sincere. The whole movie was really sincere. The director (who is actually Sara's ex) did not beutify the fashion world, he showed it the way it is. Some of the stories told by the models were absolutely unbelieveble and as the movie went on I started to feel for them. But what was really thought-provoking was when Sara decided to give up the money and success and go back to college.

Bits taken out of the movie and interesting stories were told by
Ole Schell, the director, who flew to Tallinn from NY just for the this, which was actually a sneak preview of this move, it's not premiered yet. I deeply recommend this movie to all of those, who have the desire of becoming a model. I'm more than sure, that they'll think a bit harder and don't let this big money and deceptine glamour blind them.

Britt's shirt - Monton

My skirt, bag, bodysuit - Vintage | Necklace - Grandmother's

Kujuta MIND

Täna veetsime ühe vägagi kultuurse laupäeva. Alustasime seda ringkäiguga KUMUS ning kuna mul avanes võimalus olla üks Montoni moedokumentaalide blogijatest, sain teha filmide seast valiku ning täna läksimegi Britiga kahekesi vaatama filmi "Kujuta mind: ühe modelli päevik". Film rääkis modellist nimega Sara Ziff ning sellest kuidas ta oma modelliteed alustas ja ka järjest edukamaks sai. Ta oli väga tark ja aus ja siiras. Kogu see film oli väga siiras. Režissöör (kes on ka peategelase ekspoisssõber) ei püüdnud moemaailma ilustada, ta näitas seda nii nagu see on- oma toitmushäirete, isikliku elu puudumise ning tulevikuta. Mõned modellide lood selles filmis olid täiesti uskumatud ning filmi edenedes hakkasin ma neile kaasagi tundma. Eriti mõtlemapanev oli see, kui peategelane Sara oli nõus oma suure sissetuleku jätma, et selle asemel kooli minna.

Filmist välja jäänud lugudest ning muust huvitavast kuulsime aga režissöör Ole Scellilt endalt, kes filmi sneak preview'iks ise New Yorkist Tallinnasse sõitis.

Soovitaksin seda filmi kindlasti neile, kes mõtlevad modelliks hakkamisest. Olen kindel, et pärast filmi vaatamist mõtlete te selle üle sügavamalt ning ei lase ennast pimestada suurel rahal ja näilisel glamuuril.

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  1. I haven't heard about this movie. But as you described it, It looked really interesting.

    May i just had that i love the skirt your wearing?

  2. Beautiful! Hope you had a great day.

  3. Lovely skirt! Pretty girl! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. That movie sounds great, I hope it gets shown in Australia!

  5. Yeah it's Britt! :) You look lovely as well. I'll have to check out the movie.

  6. wow i love your style!


  7. thanks so much for visiting my site! your skirt below is exquisite, i absolutely love it!


  8. you are SO classy ! and only 15 :)

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  10. you are so cute! im really pleased that you also have english text :)

  11. loooove this outfit and style! you are looking so classy and gorgeous! i especially love your skirt!


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