Total birdbrain


So, we went to see Aldo Järvsoo's ethnical fashion exhibition yesterday. I of course forgot that it was supposed to be opened in the evening and we didn't see the exhibition.
But at least I got a hat and a coat....
So, it's Father's day soon, what are you getting for your father?

Täielik tuulepea

Läksime Britiga Aldo Järvsoo rahvuslikku moenäitust vaatama siis eile. Ma muidugi unustasin, et see avatakse õhtul ja nii jäi näitus nägemata. Teie minge aga kindlasti seda vaatama (sest läbi akna tundus see tõsiselt põnev).
Õnneks sain ma endale mütsi ja mantli. Seegi hea, kuigi jah...
Varsti on isadepäev, mis teie oma isale kingite?

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  1. Yes, you are a birdbrain ;) but the coat looks great!

  2. "Ma panen selle pildi sinust kindlalt ülesse"

    yea, sure...:D

  3. See oli udune, nagu ka see pilt, kus mul piparmündi seelik ja lühike mantel oli.

  4. this coat is pretty damn fabulous.

    ahh sorry you missed the exhibition! it just reminded me that i too missed an exhibition by banksy downtown :/ silly school and its priorities.

  5. your hair and coat are amazing.

  6. i think i'm going to get some socks to my father. He's always out of socks. Because i steal them..

  7. so NICE! järvzoo, it's here amost next to me!

  8. Näitus? Näitus on Tallinnas, Rotermanni jahulaos.

  9. cute coat.
    your fathers day is a different day from us. ours is in june LOL

  10. Oh I love your hair.
    kisses girl.

  11. Aww -- that's junkthat you didn't get to see the exhibit.

  12. That coat is so great on you.
    Fathers day was ages ago here. I bought him lycra bike shorts haha

  13. the color of your coat is amazing! especially with the background.

  14. Oh you are so pretty. That coat is very beautiful. Very chic!


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