What I wore to school today


I've been wanting to make a fringe top for a while now. I had already bought 1m of fringe, but I couldn't find the top I had bought, so that's what the delay was about.
But I found the top yesterday and started fringing it. It was pretty easy- this top with 2 rows of fringe was made in about 10-15 minutes. And all you need is some basic sewing skills.
I wore the top to school today with a vintage woolen pencil skirt, gray cardigan from Promod, black tights and my rose earrings from Etsy.
Oh, I thanks to everyone who has mentioned me in their blogs- Janne, Liis, Stiina, Triinu, Carmen Camille, Heleri, Laura-Liis, Mannu, Sixu, Dani, Salla, Sharifa, Olga, Holier Than Now, Cassiopeia. If i forgot someone, please let me know.

Mida ma täna koolis kandsin

Ma olen juba pikka aega endale narmastega topp'i teha tahtnud. Ostsin juba narmadki ära, aga topp oli kuhugile kadunud, sellest ka viivitus.
Aga eile leidsin pluusi ülesse ja hakkasin seda 'narmastama'. See oli üsna lihtne- kahe rea narmaste panek võttis aega umbes 10-15 min. Ja vaja on vaid õmblemise põhioskuseid.
Kandsin seda pluusi täna koolis koos villase vintage pliiats-seeliku, halli kampsuniga Promodist, mustade sukkade ning mu roosidega kõrvarõngastega Etsyst.
Oh, ja tänan kõiki kes mind oma blogis maininud on- Janne, Liis, Stiina, Triinu, Carmen Camille, Heleri, Laura-Liis, Mannu, Sixu, Dani, Salla, Sharifa, Olga, Holier Than Now, Cassiopeia. Kui ma kedagi nüüd ei nimetanud, siis palun andke mulle märku.

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  1. I really like your style and I think you fringe top is really cute. Just as I think the glasses is. Nice!

  2. This is a really cute idea! Well done =]

  3. Thanks a lot! I just love your style, i´m happy that I find your lovely lovely blog!

  4. this outfit is stunning, you should be a fashion stylist. and the fringe shirt is lovely too.

  5. That is so beatiful, really wonderful.
    I would like to be able to wear whatever I wanted to school, You are so lucky! School would be so much more interesting without uniform...

  6. Sul on superkena stiil! Ka nendel piltidel on väga kena riietus ja prillid on eriti lahedad .

  7. It's a nice shirt and a good idea to fringe it :)

  8. thankyou lovely. i do love your style. sweet sweet blog :) xxx.

  9. you look fantastic. love the fringe.

    Ive linked you lady!

  10. the top looks amazing. love it!~

  11. Your top looks great - the fringe isn't overbearing, so it'll be pretty versatile :)

  12. That Fringe is a great idea ! The top looks very good.

  13. This top is so amazing!
    The skirt looks nice aswell:)

  14. Ohmy, you take beautiful photos. Love your style. And you're very pretty as well :)

  15. i love the fringe on the the top. so cute!

  16. sul on nii mõnus stiil :) ja see narmastega topp on väga äge. :) ja, sa palusid anda märku, et kes sind blogis maininud on, siis mina olen ka :)


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