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So, a bit about my bags, as promised.
On the picture you can see few of my favorite bags. I'm not even sure what to emphasize. My favorite bag of all times is probably a miu miu I got for birthday from my mom. I really like the black vintage bag on the left, with really interesting fastener. I bought I with the brown vintage Claudio Ferrici briefcase. I love it, but haven't had the occasion to wear it. I aslo enjoy the gray clutch I got for like $0.5. And I can't forget my watermelon-slice-shaped bag and my Krizia and frog green jumbo bag and my huge LV case that's not on the picture. And lots and lots of totes. There's some more, but yeah, here are my favs.


Niisiis, natuke kottidest, nagu lubatud.
Pildil näete väikest osa mu lemmik kottidest. Ma pole isegi kindel, mida esile tuua. Mu läbi aegade lemmik kott on miu miu, mille sain sünnipäevaks emalt. Väga meeldib mulle veel must vintage kott vasakul, kena sulguriga. Ostsin selle koos pruuni vintage Claudio Ferrici porfelliga. Mulle meeldib see, aga pole olnud juhust, kus seda kanda. Ma jumaldan ka oma halli clutchi, mille sain kuskil 7 krooni eest. Ja ei saa unustada ka oma arbuusi-lõigu-kujuga pruuni kotti, Kriziat ja konnarohelist hiigelkotti ning mu LV kohvrit, mis pole pildil ja neid on veel, aga jah, siin on mu lemmikud.

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  1. Mulle väga meeldivad Su mustad kotid :)

  2. Ja ma tahaks teada, kus Tallinnas on Vintage poode, äkki oskad öelda. :)

  3. I just got back from bag shopping with J. :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. bags! my favorite. miu miu<3

  6. I love leather bags, vintage one´s that remind me to the postmans bags that appear on fimls...but I still havent find one, so, by the moment I usually take big bags that give as a present with fashion magazines,jajaja!I customize them and they look cool!!!

  7. So lovely! I love bags... But come to think of it, I don't have any real nice ones. Hmmmm...

  8. cätu ., ma tegelikult ei teagi ühtegi vintage poodi tallinnas. Kunagi oli Lai tn. 10, aga seda vist enam pole.

  9. ... ^-^ jealousy -^-^-^-^ ...

  10. So many amazing bags!

    I have a pretty big collection too... I'm thinking I might have an addiction.



  11. bags bags bags, are girls best friend


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