I've seen all three movies now. I have to say that though I love Viktor & Rolf, I was not a fan of the movie: "Viktor & Rolf: Because We’re Worth It!". It was a really serious, dour and strict movie about the making of their first scent Flowerbomb and a runway show for it.
But I have to say that the show they prepared for was amazing. It was really dramatic and interesting. Not just the collection but also the technical side of the show. Just amazing.
And it was really interesting to see Viktor & Rolf both taking part in whole process and everything bearing on their company.
But overall the movie was positive and I really can say that they're worth it.

Clutch - Vintage | Boots - Boutique in Helsinki
Bandage skirt, fringe top - Self-made
Tights - Vogue | Cardigan - Promod
Necklace - eBay


Olen nüüd näinud kõik kolm filmi ära. Ma pean ütlema, et kuigi mulle tõesti meeldivad Viktor & Rolf, siis polnud ma filmi: "Viktor & Rolf: Because We’re Worth It!" eriline austaja. See oli väga tõsine, morn ja rangelt tehtud film sellest, kuidas valmis nende esimene lõhn Flowerbomb ja moeshow selle jaoks.
Aga ma pean ütlema, et see show iseenesest oli uskumatu. See oli väga teatraalne ja huvitav. Ning mitte ainult kollektsioon mida esitleti vaid ka show tehniline pool. Lihtsalt uskumatu.
Väga huvitav oli näha, kuidas Viktor & Rolf tegelikult ise kõikides nende firmaga seotud protsessides osalevad ja kuidas nad naudivad seda mida nad teevad.
Aga üldiselt oli film positiivne ja ma tõesti võin öelda, et they're worth it.

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  1. loe oma esimest postitust, mingi kondoomidega.

    "it took hundred thousands to make..."

    ja sina tõlkisid:

    "selleks kulus kümneid tuhandeid..."

    :D hihi:D

  2. You have a really tiny waist! It looks great with that skirt.

  3. Hi Merily!

    I like your skirt... Hervé Leger stylish...

    xoxo: Janet

  4. You made that skirt? That's impressive. Love it!

  5. !! i can't believe you made that skirt! it looks so good :)

  6. This skirt looks really really good on you :)

  7. Thank you! Love that picture! :)

  8. Love the skirt! I miss Tallinn, it will always be my home.

  9. oh my you're so cute! love your skirt :-)

  10. This bandage skirt is to die for.

  11. OMG I want a skirt like yours!! it's so great.. and have you done it by yourself? wow!! *.*

  12. your skirt looks fantastic. Great work! xxLaura

  13. Thank you, thank you!
    And yes, It's by me. :)

  14. The bandage skirt rocks!


  15. Thank you for your comment, Merily! Great skirt :)

  16. ahh great outfit i love people who make their own clothes.. now if only i could lol

  17. Love this, especially the skirt - so pretty!

  18. you're so pretty!
    I love your skirt.



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