Cookie hands and cookie feet


Today I baked a gingerbread man and many many stars and hearts.
And at 5 o'clock we found out what our grades are going to be on our reports. And because of that I feel like Christmas is so close. We have a schools Christmas party this Friday and I am taking part in its fashion show with 2 outfits that are designed and sewn by me. But I'm going to tell you more about that later.

Küpsiskäed ja küpsisjalad

Täna küpsetasin piparkooke. Tegin ühe piparkoogi mehikese ja palju südameid ja tähekesi. Täna pandi meil hinded välja, mis näitab et jõulud on järjest lähemal. Sellel reedel on meil jõulupidu ja sellega seoses on väiksel moeshowl ka kaks minu õmmeldud komplekti. Aga sellest räägin peale üritust pikemalt.

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  1. Rich that it looks good! I love the cookies :-)

    A kiss

  2. aww...they look very tasty! you seriously made me hungry.

    im planning to make a gingerbread house this weekend, so wish me luck with baking ;)

  3. fashion showwwwww
    there better be pics hon :)

  4. those cookies look so good! i could eat them!

    i should make some too!

  5. Oh yum,
    your baking came out much prettier than mine!

  6. YUMMY!!
    I ate gingerbreads today :)))
    thank you!(:

  7. mmm yummmmmy! i just bought a whole think of christmas cookie cutters. i need to make some and get in the spirit


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