The Deutsche mark is coming


I would really like to watch "Good Bye, Lenin" again. I think I saw it when I was really young and I don't remember it much, but even only the soundtrack by Yann Tiersen makes me watch it. But of course, the plot sound really interesting too. I would really like to learn to play few songs from the movie on piano. They sound so dramatical and beautiful.

Yesterday we had only 4 lessons at school so I got home early. I made myself glogg and drank it with almonds and raisins, burnt candles with cinnamon scent and ate lots of tangerines. If this is not Christmas, I don't know what is.

Dress - Vintage

Saksa mark on tulekul

Tahaks väga näha filmi "Good Bye, Lenin". Mulle tundub, et olen seda kunagi ammu näinud, aga ei mäleta seda eriti. Ainuüksi Yann Terseni muusika pärast tasuks igatahes seda filmi veelkord näha. See on nii dramaatiline ja ilus.

Eile oli meil ainult 4 tundi kooli ja sain vara koju. Tegin glögi ja jõin seda mandlite ja rosinatega, põletasin kaneeli lõhnalisi küünlaid ja sõin palju mandariine. Kui see pole jõulud, siis mina ei tea mis on.

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  1. :) cute top
    you always come out so pretty in photos

  2. Cute top! I love your blog. :) Nice shots, too.

  3. I love Goodbye Lenin. I need to watch it again too though, it's been a while.
    Your hair is perfect!

  4. Are you from Estonia? I'm dreaming of visiting this country!
    You've got such beautiful hair!

  5. Yes, you should definitely do it.
    And thank you! :)

  6. Thanks for your comment ! I love Good Bye Lenin ! The music is really beautiful, and furthermore, Yann Tiersen is French :) I'm proud of it !
    You look so cute !

  7. I love Yann Tiersen and I saw Goodbye Lenin too! It was really special and also funny in some way.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Cute outfit! Glogg and cinnamon - definitly Christmas :)

  10. thank u for nice words in my blgspt :) greetings from poland

  11. That is such a nice photo, your hair is very pretty! That movie sounds interesting, I am going to look into it. Thanks!

  12. you look so cute! and I loved that movie, I need to see it again

  13. i bought goodbye lenin! on DVD. i love it so much its one of my fave movies ever. i did it in school for german a few years ago. tiersen's soundtrack and daniel bruhl made it for me. bruhl is beautiful! xo.

  14. Ah, baby your so beautiful! I love how your hair is so lovely and flowy. You have such a cute blog!

    mwah♥, O.~, China L


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