The flights of fireflies


The weather is nice here, but I hope we'll have more snow when it's Christmas. It's weekend soon and I'm going Christmas shopping. I actually don't buy like material gifts this year. I am going to make handmade gifts or buy them. And Christmas flea market is on Sunday, I'll try to make it there too.

Sweater - Vintage | Jeans - Lindex
Boots - Helsinki

Jaanimardikate lennud

Ilm siin on päris hea, aga ma loodan, et jõuludeks sajab maha paksem lumi.
Varsti on nv ja ma lähen jõulukinke ostma. Sellel aastal ei osta ma materiaalseid kingitusi vaid teen kingid ise või ostan käsitöökinke.
Ja jõulu kirbuturg on ka pühapäeval, püüan sinna ka jõuda.

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  1. materiaalne on i-ga ja need teksad pole ju cheap monday?
    ps. kuhu kõik ülejäänd pildid jäid? lootsin just pikka postitust :D

  2. Appi, ma olen nagu Maryya nüüd :D
    Ja ma mõtlesin, et need on need 'indigo' püksid :D

  3. thank you!!!

    you look really pretty in the first pic!! :D

  4. Hi doll! I found you on lookbook I believe and I think you're so lovely and I love your style! I'm adding you to my "daily reads" & whatnot. XO

  5. This is a great post! I really really really love your hair haha. Happy holidays baby<3

    mwah♥, O.~, China L

  6. i love your sweater!! it's very cute! thank you for the comment you left on my blog! :)



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