Pearls, pearls, pearls


Here's my new jewelry. Two pairs of pearl earrings, two pairs of amber earrings (not on the picture), four brooches and a long pearl necklace. Everything is vintage here.

Pärlid, pärlid, pärlid

Siin on mu uued ehted. Kaks paari pärlitega kõrvarõngaid, kaks paari merevaigust kõrvarõngaid, neli prossi ja pikk pärlikee. Kõik siin on vintage.

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  1. Nii ilus pilt.

    Ps. Ma tahtsin sulle mainida, et mu emal on Pariisist ostetud sellised mustad, tagant triibuga Yves Saint Laurent'i sukad, 15 aastat vanad :D aga täiesti töökorras.. see on see kvaliteet!

  2. Gorgeous jewelry! I like how you put them on a tree branch.

  3. Ja see tõstatas küsimuse, MIKS SA NEID KUNAGI KANDNUD POLE?!? :D

  4. oh my! looks really nice :--)

  5. Everything vintage ? God you're so lucky ! I love these jewelry !

  6. These brooches are amazing!! love them *.*

  7. beautiful jewellery! I love pearls too, too bad I can't pull them off though!

  8. this looks amazing! and i love the photo :)
    as i love all of the photos that you post on your blog :-)
    thanks for commenting my post!


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