Scandinavian minimalism vs Russian elaboration


I got a new computer today! It's pretty empty at the moment, no pictures or videos, but still, I'm SO happy.
And on top of that, my grandfather visited me today and gave me a pair of lovely Pilgrim earrings. They're from Pilgrim's Boho Nature collection and there's so much going on, that I have to look them closely for some time to understand every detail. So thank you, :)

Täna sain ma LÕPUKS endale uue arvuti. Kõik pildid-videod jms. on veel ümber tõmbamata, aga siiski, ma olen NII õnnelik.
Lisaks sellele käis mul täna vanaisa külas, kes kinkis mulle paari Pilgrimi kõrvarõngaid. Need on Pilgrimi Boho Nature kollektsioonist ja neil on nii palju detaile, et pean veel neid korralikult uurima, et kõigest aru saada. Igatahes aitäh, :)

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Aww, so sweet of him... they're lovely.


  3. Congrats with it! And the earrings are amazing, your grandfather has style ;)

  4. Oh lovely present! :)

    xoxo. Janet

  5. thanks! your blog is amazing too.
    those earrings are so crazy, i love them so much! i've never heard of pilgrim [maybe i live under a rock?] but i'm going to have to look into it =]

  6. those are gorgeous! i've never heard of pilgrim either!

    La C.

  7. that is so cute. the earrings, the bag where the earrings are put in and the pilgrim bag.

  8. WOW those are amazing!
    your grandpa has amazing taste!

  9. ur grandma is so sweet! :)

  10. Wow, lovely charms!! :D

    Happy 2009, dear! :D


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