27 May, 2008



I hate the cover of Vogue Nippon this month. "U" is on Christy Turlingtons face again and the pose looks awkward. I even dislike the Lanvin dress.

Ma vihkan selle kuu Vogue Nippon'i kaant. "U" on jälle Christy Turlington'i näos ja ta pood on ka imelik. Mulle ei meeldi isegi see Lanvin'i kleit.

Why do they do this?


Miks nad teevad nii?

Going on with Japan. My mom brought me some 'treats' from there. Containing wasabi peas (delicious), sweet shrimps, some weirs things that looked like seaweed in pie and green tea KitKat
(which was incredibly good).

PS. If anybody speaks Japanese, could you please go to |this| site and tell me what the thing on the left is and what it contains. I may be wrong, but I think that it is called 'otabe' or something. I have no idea, actually.

Jaapaniga jätkates. Mu ema tõi mulle Jaapanist toodud 'kosti'. Seal hulgas wasabi herneid, magusaid krevette, mingeid imelikke asju, mis nägid välja nagu vetikad pirukas ja rohelise tee KitKati'i (mis oli uskumatule hea)

26 May, 2008



As you may know, me and my best friend Britt paint chinaware and today was our exhibition's opening. There were many other artists with their amazing works too. For those living in Estonia- the exhibition is open for 2 weeks in Saku manor's library.


Few of my pieces.
Mõned minu tööd.

Britt's chinaware set.
Briti portselannõuded komplekt.

My favorite artist- Britt.
Mu lemmik kunstnik- Britt.

Totally gorgeous belt, that I fell in love with.
Täiesti imeline vöö, millesse ma armusin.

Te võibolla teate, käin ma koos oma parima sõbra, Britiga, portselani maalimas ja täna oli meil kevadnäitus ja ka hooaja lõpetamine. Kohal olid ka paljude teiste kunstnike uskumatud tööd.
Neile kes Eestis elavad- näitus on avatud veel 2 nädalat, Saku mõisa raamatukogus.

24 May, 2008



Wow, I'm enraptured. I won the "
Ajaveeb 08", which is like the encomium for blogs in Estonia. I won the category "disain ja käsitöö" (design and handicraft). I didn't go to the party where the winners were unannounced, cause I didn't have time, so I heard about the winning today. I'm really happy :D

ajaveeb 2008

Vau, olen vaimustuses. Võitsin Ajaveeb 08's kategoorias "disain ja käsitöö". Ei saanud kahjuks peole minna, nii et võidust kuulsin täna. Olen õnnelik, ei arvanudki, et võiks võita. :D

22 May, 2008



Discovered, that I was yesterday's Mos Mobbed on StyleMob. Hooray!

Avastasin, et olin eile StyleMob'is enim kommenteeritud. Hurra!

21 May, 2008

18 May, 2008



I know the rule "never wear your mom's old jeans" but is it okay to wear your granny's old jeans? Especially when they're in such lovely color, this pale Robin's egg blue. I just love them. [My mom said that they look like pajama pants though]

Ma tean seda reeglit, et "ära kunagi kanna oma ema vanu teksasid", aga kas on okei kanda oma vanaema vanu teksasid? Eriti, kui need on nii kenat värvi, sellist tuhmi "Robin's egg" sinist värvi. Ma lihtsalt armastan neid. [Mu ema ütles küll, et nad meenutavad pidžaama pükse]



I started making few things before my sewing machine broke down. This green ruffled shirt on the right was for myself. It's in black for me. This shirt is from December's Burda, from year 1990.

Hakkasin paari asja tegema, enne kui ma õmblusmasi katki läks. See roheline kroogitud pluus paremal oli mulle endale. Minul on see musta värvi. See on 1990 aasta detsembri Burdast.

This shirt is for my friend, Britt. It's from 1987 year's July number of Burda. I was making it from really pretty cloth. I promised to finish it in May, well...it's not going to happen now. Sadly.

See särk on Britile. See on 1987 aasta Burdast, juuli omast. Tegin seda hästi kenast riidest. Lubasin selle lõpetada mais, noh...see vist ei juhtu. Kahjuks.

17 May, 2008

Laadad, laadad

Fairs, fairs

I just got back from the Saku Spring Fair, which is like this huge event of the year in Saku. I usually love it there, because the things sold there are different and unusual, kind of russianish (I honestly don't know if this word exists), but this year the things were not weird at all, they were too normal. It sucks.
I got an awesome watch though...

Tulin just Saku Kevadlaadalt, mis on nagu selline aasta suursündmus Sakus. Tavaliselt ma armastan seal käia, sest need asjad, mis seal müüakse on erinevad ja ebatavalised, natuke venelikud, aga see aasta ei olnud need üldse sellised, need olid liiga normaalsed. Nõme.
Kuigi ma sain endale selle ägeda kella.

16 May, 2008


You're in
Another new blog added to my list:
  1. everybody is ugly - I love her style and the looks.
Jälle üks uus blog mu listi lisatud:
  1. everybody is ugly- Armastan ta stiili ja look'e.
Sometimes I wake up and I think I should start wearing a beret, but I don't do it. One day I'm gonna, though. You bet your ass, I will have a beret on. That's ridiculous, but it's true. I always fight with wearing a beret.
Mitch Hedberg

15 May, 2008



Today was...frustrating, but fun!

My perfect shoes were boughten so I had to buy the other ones. I kinda like them more now.
I think they look pretty with white tights. Or what do you think?

Tänane päev oli...masendav, aga lõbus!

Mu perfektsed kingad olid ära ostetud ja ma pidin teised ostma. Need meeldivad mulle nüüd isegi rohkem. Ma arvan, et need on kenad valgete sukkadega. Või mis te arvate?

14 May, 2008


You're in
Added two new blogs to my list:
  1. Fashion Toast - Because of the unique style and pretty fashion shots.
  2. MoCo Loco - For great design ideas.
Lisasin täna kaks uut blogi oma listi:
  1. Fashion Toast - Selle unikaalse stiili ja ilusate moepiltide pärast.
  2. MoCo Loco - Suurepäraste disaini ideede eest.
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Raamat, mis võiks olemas olla

A book you should have

"What's great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca Cola, and you know that the President drinks Coca Cola, Liz Taylor drinks Coca Cola, and just think, you can drink Coca Cola, too. A coke is a coke and no amount of money can get you a better coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking. All the cokes are the same and all the cokes are good. Liz Taylor knows it, the President knows it, the bum knows it, and you know it."

-The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again


Üks väsitav päev kesklinnas

One wearying day in central Tallinn

I was looking for shoes and when I had found a pair that I liked I wanted to see if there was anything else or just these. First I went to the Old Town but I was confused because my favorite shop was not there anymore. But I found another pair that I liked from another store, but they didn't have my size. They promised to get me my size for tomorrow. Thank god! Because I'm going there tomorrow to see the Foorum.

Tomorrow is the day when Foorum in Tallinn turns into bazar with buskers, juggles, portrait painters, mummers, magicians and circus artists.
definitely there tomorrow for the show and great deals (and the shoes, o. c.)

[Todays boughts- tee, Bourjois foundation, belt with really neat buckle]

[Tänased ostud- teesärk, Bourjois'i jumestuskreem, väga kena pandlaga vöö]

Otsisin täna kingi ja leidsin ka ühe paari, mis meeldis. Tahtsin igaks juhuks mujalt ka vaadata, aga kui vanalinnas oma lemmikpoodi tahtsin minna, siis seda seal enam polnud. Lõpuks siis leidsin veel ühe kingad, aga minu suurust neil polnud. Nad lubasid homseks tellida ja õnneks ma just homme lähengi linna, sest Foorum muutub ju lõunamaa kaubatänavaks, kus ootavad ees tänavamuusikud, zhonglöörid, portreemaalijad, miim ja mustkunstnik ning paljud tsirkuseartistid. Foorumi kauplustes sel ajal suured sünnipäeva hinnaüllatused ja allahindlused kuni 50%!

Miss Ülepakutud

Little miss Over the Top


13 May, 2008

Siin see on

Here it is

I promised to show you my Kelly when it's done, so here it is. I named it LePetit.

Lubasin teile näidata, milline minu Kelly välja tuleb. Niiet palun, siin see on. Panin talle nimeks LePetit.

12 May, 2008

Ära puutu seda!

Don't touch it!

I know that one day when I'm over 18, I'll get Lasik. Even too scary for me, because I'm so afraid of things that include doing something with my eyes or even near them.
But getting an eye jewel...I'll never be brave enough to do that. I can do lots of brave stuff, never that.
Well, It does not look good neither so...why should I want to have a piece of platinum in my eye?


Ma tean, et kunagi, kui ma olen täisealine, siis ma lähen silma laseroperatsioonile. Isegi see on minu jaoks liiga hirmus, sest ma kardan silmade puudutamist või nende lähedal midagi tegemist.
Aga silmajuveeli tegemine...seda ei julgeks ma kindlalt. Võin teha palju julgeid asju, mitte kunagi seda.
Aga, see ei näe isegi ilus välja...miks siis peaksi seda plaattina juppi endale silma tahtma?



Oh, I'm so sad. I was bidding on one REALLY pretty vintage quilted bag that had I fell in love with, but on the last minute someone outbid me...

Though I can't have you, I still love you... *drops a tear*


Oh, olen nii kurb. Pakkusin oksjonil ühele VÄGA ilusale vintage tepitud kotile, millesse ma kohe ära armusin, aga viimasel minutil pakkus keegi must üle...

Kuigi ma ei saa sind endale, armastan ma sind ikkagi...
*poetab pisara*




Few designs i've made lately,

Viimasel ajal tehtud visandid

11 May, 2008


You're in

Added one more blog in my list:
  1. niotillfem - I don't understand a word, but these photos are entrancing.

Lisasin täna ühe uue blogi oma listi:
  1. niotillfem - Kuigi ma ei saa sõnakestki aru, on need fotod lihtsalt lummavad.
Fashions fade, style is eternal.
Yves Saint Laurent

Supernoova 2008

Estonia's biggest fashion designer's competition Supernoova starts again. I have to buy tickets soon, beacause it's already on 7. June in Vene theater.
I want to take part of this competition too, after 2 years, when I'm 16, but first I have to take my sewing machine to repairer's...

Supernoova algab taas. Pean varsti piletid ostma, sest see on juba 7. juunil Vene teatris.
Tahan ka sellest kahe aasta pärast, kui olen 16, osa võtta.
Aga ma pean ennem oma õmblusmasina parandaja juurde viima...



Don't you just love all those small-town fairs, flea markets and country-side shops. You find the most gorgeous and original stuff there, that you can't find nowhere else. My catch today was:
  • Metallic necklace (which I shouldn't have bought)
  • Black belt
  • Surf Jellys by Marc Jacobs
  • TOPSHOP's bolero
The girl who sold me the shoes and bolero was like a copy of me. When she was arguing with her mother I saw myself with my mom in them. She felt bad for selling these things and wanted to highen the price of the bolero on the last minute. She had the most beautiful clothes there from Miss Sixty aso., but sadly most of them were too small for me.

Ma armastan sellised asju nagu külalaadad, kirbuturud ja maapoed. Sealt leab kõige ilusamaid ja erilisemaid asju, mida kusagilt mujalt ei saa. Minu saak tänasel täikal oli siis:
  • Metallist kaelakee (mida vist tegelikult poleks pidanud ostma)
  • Must vöö
  • Marc Jacobsi Surf Jelly kingad
  • TOPSHOP'i bolero
Tüdruk kes mulle kingad ja bolero müüs oli nagu minu koopia. Kui ta oma emaga vaidles, mis hinnaga asju müüa, siis tundsin neis ära iseenda emaga. Bolerost oli tal eriti kahju lahkuda ja ta tahtis veel viimasel hetkel hinda kõrgendada. Tema letist saingi kõige kenamad asjad. Lisaks neile oli tal veel hästi palju Miss 60 jms. riideid, aga enamasti olid need mulle kahjuks liiga väiksed.

10 May, 2008


Flea Market

Tomorrow is Mothers day and I'm going to UK flea market with my mom. It's not as big as it was going to be, but I hope I can find something from there. I'll put up my great finds here also. About my moms present...Well I made her a porcelain vase, a card and I picked flowers and bought a cake.

Homme on emadepäev ja mina lähen oma emaga UK kirbuturule. See ei ole nii suur, kui pidi olema, aga ma loodan, et leian sealt midagi siiski. Parimad ostud panen siis siia ka ülesse. Emale kingin ma homme portselan vaasi, mille tegin ise, kaardi ja lilled ning koogi ostsin ka.

Armastan Sind

I love you

I got this really beautiful cardigan from my granny. I payed her compliment about it when she was wearing it and the next day she had wrapped it up for me. I love her.
The cardigan is about 10 years old but treasured by my caring granny.

Sain selle hästi kena kampsuni vanaemalt. Ma tegin talle selle kohta komplimendi ja järgmine päev kinkis ta selle mulle. Armastan teda.
See kampsun on umbes 10 aastat vana, aga vanaema oli seda.armastusega hoidnud

09 May, 2008

Need olid esimesed kevadpäevad

These were the first days of real Spring



You're in

I added 3 new blogs to my link collection:
  1. Urban Audrey - I found her from Teen Vogue and her blog is so good, so good! AND I love Girl in a Coma's "Their cell".
  2. Fug Yourself - I read this blog and think "Exactly my thought", on absolutely every post.
  3. AbsolutVintage - I just love her.

Lisasin täna lingikogusse kolm uut blogi:
  1. Urban Audrey - Leidsin ta Teen Vogue'st ja ta blogi on nii hea, nii hea! JA, ja ma armastan Girl in a Coma "Their cell"'i.
  2. Fug Yourself - Loen seda blogi ja mõtlen, et "Täpselt minu mõte", absoluutselt iga asja kohta.
  3. AbsolutVintage - Ma lihtsalt armastan teda.

"Go either very cheap or very expensive. It's the middle ground that is fashion nowhere."
Karl Lagerfeld

Avasta Hermès'i maailma

Discover the world of Hermès

Have you ever dreamed of having Hermès Birkin bag? Well, now it can be true without huge outgoings, because |this| site allows you to print out and make one on your own.

You can choose between many different Kelly's - Hermès' most popular bag.
The site above consists of many interesting parts, that I'm sure you're interested in. From games to learning something new.

PS. I'm going to make my own Kelly today, so come check it out later!

Kas olete kunagi unistanud Hermès Birkini käekoti omamisest? Nüüd saab see teoks ilma suurte summadeta, sest |see| leht pakub võimalust välja printida ja ise meisterdada üks selline.

Valida on mitme kujundusega Kelly, ehk Hermèsi populaarseima koti vahel.

Üleval toodud leht koosneb paljudest huvitavatest osadest, mis teile kindlasti huvi pakuvad, alates mängudest kuni uute teadmiste omandamiseni.
Minu isiklikuks lemmikuks oli näha M. Jean Monestier'i valmistamas kindaid Niel'i kindavabrikule, mille progressi saab vaadata videolt.

PS. Täna hakkan ise ka oma Kelly't kokku panema, tulge lõpptulemust vaatama!

08 May, 2008

Elie Saab Kevad/Suvi 2008 Pariis

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2008 Paris

Elie Saab / Spring/Summer 2008 / Paris / Marcio Madeira/VOGUE.COM

06 May, 2008

Mida peaks naine teadma stiilist

Things a women should know about style

Book from the series "Things a women should know..."
Firm but always fair, Karen Homer lays down the law and makes sure you hever have to commit another fashion faux-pas. Discover why you can never have too many white T-shirts, how to choose the right shoes and when to say "no" to this season's high fashion trends. Packed with humor and offering a wry sideways look at the world of women's style, this book should have you laughing in recognition. This book covers the hazards of choosing underwear through to finding the right wedding outfit.

Available on Amazon.com for £6.49


Raamat seeriast "Mida peaks naine teadma..."
Alati kindel ja õiglane Karen Homer seletab lahti, miks naisel ei saa kunagi olla liiga palju valgeid T-särke, kuidas valida õigeid kingi ja millal öelda "ei" selle hooaja kõrmoe trendidele.
Huumoriga vürtsitatud raamat viskab pilgu naise stiilimaailma.
See raamat peaks pakkuma lõbu ja äratundmisrõõmu kõigile naistele, kes vajavad abi alates aluspesu valimisest kuni õige pulmakleidi leidmiseni.

Raamatu leiab maailma suurimast raamatupoest Amazon.com hinnaga 100 EEK.

Who - Five O'Clock Heroes feat. Agyness Deyn

Yesterday(05.05.08) was the premiere of Agyness Deyn's first single "Who" which she performed with Five O'Clock Heroes.

But this was not Aggy's fist touch with music industry- she and two of her friends have a group called Lucky Knitwear.


Briti modell Agyness Deyn, hetkel number 1 modell maailmas, esitles eile(05.05.08) oma esimest singlit - "Who" mis valmis koostöös bändiga Five O'Clock Heroes.

Kuid üllatuseks polnud see modell Aggy esimene kokkupuude muusikaga- nimelt on tal koos kahe sõbraga grupp nimega Lucky Knitwear.