31 August, 2008

I dream of coconuts

Two nice things happened-
I got a late birthday present and (if I understood correctly) Lula arrived to our magazine racks (or should I say one rack) in Estonia.
That's about it for today.

Add some Geishas and you'll see my present.

You can expect a DIY project soon, it's still in a progress.

Ma unistan kookospähklitest

Kaks head asja juhtus-
Sain hilise sünnipäevakingi ning (kui ma õigesti aru sain) jõudis meie ajakirjalettidele (või peaks ütlema ühele neist) Lula.

Varsti võite oodata DIY projekti ka, see on veel tegemisel.

30 August, 2008

Sweet frosted donut

I found this totally adorable site called PINC.STUFF and if they ship to Estonia I'll probably order many things from there. They make those absolutely cute miniature sweets and sushis and tofus and other lovely cuties and you may know what a junkie I am for such things so...

Aren't they CUTE! And you can WEAR them! :D

You can buy them from Etsy.

Magus glasuuritud sõõrik

Leidsin sellise väga hea lehekülje nagu PINC.STUFF ja kui nad saadavad Eestisse siis arvatavasti tellin ma neilt päris mitu asja. Nad valmistavad selliseid absoluutselt armsaid miniatuurseid maiustusi ja sushisid ja tofusid ja muid imelisi asju ja võite arvata milline sõltlane ma neist asjadest olen, niiet...

Asju võite osta nende Etsyst.

29 August, 2008

Cotton spinner

I really need to buy a new camera. Right now I'm using my old Olympus, with its astonishing 4.0 megapixels- stunner. Now I can remember why I bought a new camera in the first place. On top of that, my keyboard is ruined too- I spilled varnish remover on it...several times. I'm So bad with technical things. Anyhow, I wanted to show you two things- a skirt that my mom wore in 3rd grade (which still fits me) and I want to start using (obviously I can't) and those socks I made few years ago (that come handy with weather like this).


Mul on viimane aeg osta uus kaamera. Preagu kasutan ma oma vana olympust, tema hämmastava 4.0 megapiksliga- uskumatu. Nüüd ma lõpuks mäletan, miks ma ikka uue kaamera ostsin. Lisaks sellele on mu klaviatuur rikutud. Kallasin sellele küünelakieemaldajat- paaril korral. Ma olen nii halb tehniliste asjade omaja. Igatahes, tahtsin hoopis näidata teile kahte asja- seelikut, mida mu ema kandis 3das klassis (see läheb mulle selga veel!) ja mida soovisin kasutama hakata (aga loomulikult ei saa) ja neid villaseid sokke, mis kudusin paar aastat tagasi (mis lähevad sellise ilma tõttu kindlalt käiku).

28 August, 2008


Here are the pictures. Mango shirt, Cheap Monday jeans and Zara sneakers. Also the tank top I studded.

Eelmistele teemadele jätkuks lisaksin siis pildis Mango pluusist, Cheap Monday pükstest ja ka mu uutest vahetusjalanõudest. Ja ka tanktopp, mille ära neetisin.

27 August, 2008


I honestly am. I haven't had time to look for new camera, so no new pictures in this post. But I can just tell you some things that have happened.
Britt, darling, gave me bag of studs, so I studded one black leather bag and pair of knee highs.
Today I had this shopping day with the stylist I was telling you about. I bought one shirt, designed with feathers. Lately I've seen many so beautiful 'feathered' shirts. I also really like this Edun's tee.

Mine is from Mango.

I will take pictures of it on me, when I get new camera, but this is Alice Dellal wearing the shirt.

And something strange happened too. I like one Miley Cyrus' song. I still think her voice is pretty annoying, but the song is so...catchy :D


Mul pole aega olnud, et uut kaamerat otsida, niiet uusi pilte siia postitusse ei tule. Aga võin rääkida asjadest mis toimunud on.
Britt, kullake, andis mulle koti neetidega, niiet neetisin ära musta nahkkoti ja paari põlvikuid.
Täna käisin selle stilistiga, kellest rääkisin, shoppamas. Ostsin ühe särgi.
Ja midagi imelikku juhtus ka. Mulle hakkas üks Miley Cyruse laul meeldima. Ma arman siiski, et ta hääl on päris tüütu, aga see laul...see on nii kaasakiskuv :D

22 August, 2008


Hey guys, I'm back. The trip was fantastic and the weather (unlike the weather in Estonia) was great, actually there was a heatwave exactly on that time when we were there and the temperature was between 30°-50°.
But sad news is that my sweetheart Canon ixus 65 decided to break down and we could only make the pictures blindly if at all.

About the things I bought...
a sweet Hello Kitty towel and a TRASH BIN... :D Even the salesgirl laughed at me when I bought it among other things like Turkish Delight, halvah and other souvenirs and said "Very Nice..."

We visited only one big mall and I got a personal shopper there, also a new experience :D I found one absolutely perfect prom dress there, but they didn't have it in my size and since I had trouble taking it off we decided not to buy it.



Turkish eye bracelets

Türgi silma käevõrud


Hei, olen tagasi.
Reis oli fantastiline ja ilm (erinevalt Eesti ilmast) oli suurepärane, tegelikult oli seal küll kuumalaine parasjagu ja temeratuur oli 30°-50° kraadi vahel.

Kuid kurb uudis on see, et mu kullake Canon ixus 65 otsustas katki minna ja pilte saime me teha ainult pimesi, kui üldse.

Türgist ostsin ma armsa Hello Kitty rannarätiku ja PRÜGIKASTI... :D Isegi kassapidaja naeris mu üle kui see halvaade, Turkish Delightide ja muude suveniiride vahel välja tuli ning ütles "Very Nice..."
Külastasime ainult ühte suuremat kaubanduskeskust ja seal oli mul isiklik ostleja (!) :D Leidsin ühe absoluutselt perfektse lõpukleidi sealt, aga neil polnud mu suurust ja kuna mul oli probleeme selle seljast saamisega otsustasime selle ostmata jätta.

14 August, 2008


I had 2 packages in my mailbox yesterday. One was this bag my mom gift me and the other one was this extra large Hilfiger's men's shirt I had bought long time ago in hopes of making a dress out of it. It turned out to be too short so I just spruced it up a bit, made it smaller and turned it into not so large ladies shirt. I LOVE it's pattern and textile and if I'm not going to wear it I'm definitely making a bag out of it.
Anyways, here's my flight outfit.


And I'm off to Turkey!
EDIT: Britt suggested me to go there in bomb-proof suit, since Turkey is next to Georgia...I just hope I won't be needing it...


Eile oli mu postkasti tulnud kaks pakiteadet. Üks kotile, mille mu ema mulle kinkis ning teine eriti suurele Hilfiger'i meeste särgile, mille ajad tagasi ostsin, lootuses sellest kleit teha. Särk osutus aga liiga lühikeseks, ning otsustasin seda lihtsalt natuke kohedada ja muuta selle mitte nii suureks naiste särgiks. Ma ARMASTAN selle mustrit ja materjali ja kui ma seda kandma ei hakka, siis teen sellest riidest kindlasti mingi koti.
Igatahes, siin on mu lennu-riietus.

12 August, 2008

In the zone, Boyzone

Today me and Britt had a mission to find this vintage boutique "Fling" in the Old Town. We didn't, I guess it doesn't exist anymore. That's a bummer, because I was really looking forward going to that store. But since we were already there we decided to visit Balti Depot's marketplace. I finally popped Britt's second-hand cherry when encouraging her to buy her first second-hand piece- a navy belt with gorgeous buckle and to visit second-hand stores with me. I found one REALLY pretty coat, but it was too heavy and I decided not to buy it.


In the zone, Boyzone

Täna oli meil Britiga missiooniks leida vintage butiik "Fling" vanalinnas. Me ei leidnud seda ja ma pole eriti kindel, et see eksisteeribki veel. Nõme, sest tahtsin sinna väga minna.
Igatahes, kuna juba olime seal pool, otsustasime külastada ka Balti Jaama turgu. Britt kaotas oma second-hand'i süütuse, ostes navy sinise vöö ja külastades minuga erinevaid kaltsukaid. Endale leidsin VÄGA kena Topshopi mantli, aga see oli liiga raske ja otsustasin selle mitte osta.

11 August, 2008

Every now and then

I found this lovely fabric in my closet today and I decided to make a tiny coin purse out of it. And of course I put 2 bows on it to decorate it... And made this bigger bow too...

Bows are just pure joy!!! :D


Leidsin täna kapist selle armsa riide ja otsustasin ühe tillukese mündikoti teha sellest.
Ja loomulikult lisasin sellele ka kaks lipsu... Ja tegin ühe suure lipsu ka...

I have some news!

Fist of all, Britt came back from the UK and she and her umbrella are OK! (cloud nine!)

She brought me many nice things like the most delicious sweets, a Loch Ness Monster pencil and Jenny Colgan's "West End Girls" (and this incredibly cute card!)

Another thing I wanted to say is that I'm going to Turkey this Friday!!! It's going to be so much fun!

And the last thing is my latest purchase- this vintage leather bag with...shapes.

Mul on uudiseid!

Esiteks, Britt on UK-st tagasi ja tema ja ta vihmavarjuga on kõik korras. (õnnejoovastus!)

Ta tõi mulle palju head ja paremat, nagu näiteks väga häid maiustusi, Loch Nessi koletise hariliku ja Jenny Colgan'i "West End Girls'i" (ja ühe uskumatult armsa kaardi!)

Teine uudis on see, et sõidan sellel reedel Türki!!!

Ja viimane asi on mu uusim ost- see vintage nahk kott...kujunditega.

10 August, 2008


Today I had a quiet birthday celebration with my family. I got these lovely Pilgrim stud earrings and concert tickets and I am still waiting for the bag my mom bought for me to arrive. From my grandparents I got a trip to Sweden and a book.
My aunt always has bright ideas what to gift. For my 15th birthday she organized a day with a stylist for me. I'm going to meet her in the foreseeable future.

Täna pidasime vaikset sünnipäeva sugulastega. Sain need armsad Pilgrimi kõrvarõngad ja kontserdi piletid ja ootan veel ema kingitud kotti, mis pole veel kohale jõudnud. Vanavanematelt sain reisi Rootsi ja raamatu.
Mu tädil on alati head ideed mida kinkida ja oma 15-ks sünnipäevaks sain ma temalt päeva stilistiga. Kohtun temaga lähitulevikus.

08 August, 2008

Higher mathematics

1 top + 2 skirts + 3 belts = 4 outfits

Kõrgem matemaatika

1 topp + 2 seelikut + 3 vööd = 4 riietust

06 August, 2008


I've been pretty obsessed with stud for a while now, but the only studded thing I own is this plain pink one row studded belt. When I get time to buy some studs I'm planning to make...

...<-these out of these-> since I haven't been able to find studded knee highs anywhere. I even don't know if things like studded knee highs exist...


Olen juba pikka aega neetidest vaimustuses olnud, aga ainus neetidega asi mida ma oman on tavaline roosa üherealine vöö. Kui aega saan, siis ostan mõned needid ja teen endale sellised põlvikud, sest pole neid poodides näinud ja ei teagi, kas üldse ongi sellised kusagil.

05 August, 2008


I have been trying to make different types of bows now and I am so rapt.

I made this bow for my outfit that I'm wearing to "Eesti Mõisad'08".
Eesti Mõisad'o8 is a charity event in Puurman's castle and I am going there to see fashion couturier Eve Hanson's (Ivo Nikkolo) costumes. I think it's gonna be nobby.


Ma olen väga ekstaasis, proovisin mitut tüüpi lipse teha. Ja selle lipsu tegin oma riietuse juurde, mida kannan 'Eesti Mõisad'08'l.

04 August, 2008

And many more...

Today I woke up because I was feeling really disquiet for 2 reasons:
  1. Electrician had this awesome automatic electric switch installed to our corridor yesterday and he said it would start working tomorrow (so TODAY) and I was really excited to see if it worked.
  2. It's 04.08, which means...It's my BIRTHDAY!
Yep, I'm turning 15 at 18:05 and that's awesome!
And I decided to write a bit about my younger years...

My name is Merily, I got it after a yacht. I was born in Saku, Estonia. My hair was dark(1) and eyes were gray.

Everybody thought I was going to be daddy's girl. I was.
I didn't have any brothers-sisters, I had a cousin and uncle who were about same age as me.

I was really social, I was in the center of attention at every extended family convention. I always performed with a poem I had written or sang or danced...or put up and exhibition of my paintings(2). I was really into arts...

(3) My hand when i was 3 months old. Mu mom tried to convince me that I was not warped and it's looking really weird because I was moving. Sure...moving you say...

Right after I went to kindergarten I met Britt. We became best friends because we were really alike and we had so much in common. We both were real drama queens at the age of 3! :D (and we both HATED circuses, and still do!)

I just wasn't feeling that connection with the world's youngest clown...

Like everyone, I LOVED Spice Girls. My favorite was Emma (of course...) and when it was bed time in kindergarten I used to hide a book about her under my pillow so I could read it under my blanket when everyone was asleep.
I remember so clearly that at that time the most popular songs in Estonia were Celine Dion's "My heart will go on" and Eiffel 65's "Blue". I have no idea why I still remember that.

Besides Spice Girls I had many more things I loved. I loved traveling. My favorite place to go was Saaremaa.

I also loved getting presents, and I was SO happy when I got my first Tamagothci!

I remember when I went to my friends' place one day and FORGOT my tamagotchi home. I called my dad, cried on the phone and after long time of begging he went home from work and brought me my little electronical dinosaur.
It had died... I was really wounded and I didn't relaunch it for a week, so my dinosaur's soul could rest in peace.

The next thing I started loving was the Old Town of Tallinn. I still love it. I think it's the most magical, orphic and peaceful place in the whole world.

I have always been a bit finicky. Everything has to be exactly how it is supposed to be. I didn't like cleaning my room though...

I also didn't like snow...

Somehow me and Britt were always matching. Not on purpose. I guess we just have the same mindfrequency.

Plethoric Disney theme with candy necklace accents...

Summery yellow matched with...matching red skirts.

Nothice the album britt is holdin /\. It's her stickre album. We were HUGE collectors. I can remember a case when we had fire drill in our school. And we were supposed to gather in front of our school, but I forgot my sticker album in my drawer. I ran to the second floor ignoring teachers' orders and brought my album with me. My class mates still remind me that in cases.

My first big trip was to Tenerife. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember that we somehow won it, but still had to pay for everything...
My second trip is much clearer. It was to Egypt. I LOVED being there. I always knew I belong to somewhere where it's always sunny and warm, somewhere with warm people too.

When I was younger I took part in every competition arranged. I have the weirdest diplomas in a pile next to me.
  • "Diploma for the best embroideress in our class"
  • "Diploma for the title of honor Dwarves Helper"
  • "Beaver-Mikk's shiny smile Certificate"

When I was about 10, me and my friends started a tea-club called "Padjaklubi". I can't believe how much drama it contained :D
disbanded and reunited like million times, until we disbanded eternally. It was a good thing, that superficial behaviour would have killed our souls anyway.

So these were my younger years. Not very informative, but I hope you enjoyed reading it, if you did.
Here Melly leaves and says "How YOU doin'?" ;)