Ma olen täiesti haigeks jäänud nüüd ja vaevalt see nv midagi põnevat teen. Lähen ainult ühele sünnipäevale täna ja homseks polegi plaane.
Mu lõpukleit jõudis kohale, aga see ei ole nii perfektne kui ma lootsin, niiet see jääb hetkel lihtsalt varuvariandiks, kui ma midagi paremat ei leia, või siis lasen selle natuke ümber teha. Pilte ma sellest hetkel ei pane, sest võibolla ma lõpetan sellega siiski ja siis on kõik seda juba näinud ja nii.
Millalgi tahaksin minna Hop Galeriisse näitust "Paperdolls" vaatama minna, aga arvatavasti teen seda Fibiti ajal või kui tervem olen. Teie minge kindlasti, see tundus päris põnev olevat, :D
Igatahes loodan ma, et te olete tervemad ja et teil on lõbusam nädalavahetus kui mul!

Vintage + Vintage

I am really ill and I don't think I'm going to do anything fun this weekend, just going to a b-day party today and no plans for tomorrow.
My graduation dress arrived, but sadly it's not as perfect as I hoped so I'll keep it just as a backup if I don't find a better dress. I'm not going to add pictures of it because if I decide to graduate in it it wouldn't be a surprise.
There's an exhibition "Paperdolls" in Hop Gallery and it looked really interesting. I'm probably going to see it in the near future, probably when we go to FIBIT .
Anyhow, I hope you're feeling better than me and you're going to have a fun weekend!

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  1. amuzing jacket ;)

  2. i am in love with your jacket! so gorgeous ♥ x

  3. thank youuuuuuuuuuu :-D
    see ya

  4. get well soon! love your blog, cute outfit!

  5. Hope you feel better soon! I wish I had a better excuse than too-many-essays-to-do for my weekend closetted away in the library... At least when one is ill, you can catch up on film watching!

    Love the outfit. Xxxc

  6. Oh dear hope you're feeling better and that you get well soon.
    What a gorgeous jacket. Love it.

    Have a nice and happy weekend


  7. how beautiful =-O !!
    thanks for your comment!
    get well soon =)

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. oh my goodness, youre too cute i love this photograph!!

    good luck with graduation :)

    ty so much for my comment, i love my room!!

  10. oh that jacket is gorgeous! i love the colours :)

  11. I spot velvet! Beautiful with the jacket. Get well soon.

  12. I really really hope you feel better soon.
    I want to thank you for having this beatiful blog. I'm turning 14 in some days and I'm writting a book and I decided to place the story in Saku, Estonia, because I've seen that it's a wonderful country and very very interesting from my point of view (I'm from Argentina, South America)
    So I want to thank you too for letting me know a little bit more everyday about your culture.

    Kisses from another continent, or how we say here in Argentina: "besos"

  13. really like your vintage outfits! they are magical :)) greetings!

  14. I really really hope you get better soon!
    I'm turining 14 in some days and I'm writting a book, and I decided to place my story in Saku, Estonia, because by your blog I've seen that it's a wonderful country (that I would love to meet someday)and very very interesting from my point of view (I'm from Argentina, South America)so I want to thank you for having this beautiful blog and for letting me know everyday a little bit more about your culture.

    Kisses, from America

  15. oh wow! Well, let me know when you finish the book, Julieta :)

  16. thank you very much :)
    hope your feeling better soon, honey!


  17. hope you feel better real soon!

  18. Your floral jacket is lovely. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Really love this outfit! I hope you find the perfect dress for your graduation.
    Feel better soon :)

  20. that blouse is so beautiful! you have a great collection of vintage!

  21. hope you get better! love your leggings.

  22. I love your pictures from the former post. Hope your weekend was not that bad, after-all:)


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