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Leidsin endale perfektse lõpukleidi. Ma ei suutnud värvi osas endaga kokku leppida, niiet tõmbasin loosi- tellisin mündivärvi. Kuigi ma lubasin endale viiendas klassis, et pean lõpetama roosas. Ja teine variant sellel kleidil oligi roosa, niiet ma ei tea. Võibolla tellin lõpuks ikka mõlemad. Ühesõnaga on selle murega kõik ja nüüd on vaid vaja leida perfektsed kingad jms. See on lihtsam, sest ma pole eriline kingafänn.
Ühesõnaga, Britt nägi mu sõbrapäeva kaardiga kohutavalt vaeva ja tegi mulle ilusa kaardi (valikuvariantides oli ilus ja lohakas ja ma mõtlesin, et las ta üllatab mind seekord) ja ma lubasin, et ma näitan kõigile seda kaarti- niiet siin see on. Selle üleval on aga maailma parima lõhnaga vannikuul, mu tuba lõhnab NII hästi selle tõttu.
Cardigan - Zara |Blouse - Vintage

I found a perfect dress for my graduation. I couldn't decide which color to choose and I ordered it blindly. The choices were mint and pink. I'm probably gonna just buy both of them in the end because in 5th grade I decided I have to graduate in pink.
Now I only have to find pretty heels and that's easy since I'm not really a shoe fanatic.
Oh, and Britt made me this lovely Valentine's day card and I had to show it to you because she doesn't usually like making cards and this one was a lovely exception.

And above it is a bath bomb which smells SO good and my whole room is filled with that scent.

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  1. Thank you very much for the translation! The first picture is beautiful, where did you take it ? I'm searching for a prom dress, where did you bought your dress?

    See you!

  2. graduate in pink! that sounds like such fun :D

    as always, you look lovely, and that card is so sweet x

  3. i remember that outfit in the valentine. it's very adorable. love today's look as well.

  4. Congrats on finding the perfect dress!! That bath bomb looks so deliciously edible & adorable! ;)

    La C.

  5. You look adorable on this first photo! Really!

    The bath bomb looks so tasty, that I'd like to try it;)))))))).

    I also like the card:)

  6. OMG you look so cute!! and you have an amazing style =)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  7. I just started looking at your blog but I really enjoy it! for that reason i am tagging you. Thanks for the amazing posts!

  8. i loove the first photo, looks professional and your gorgeous:)

  9. Lovely blouse! I like the picture at the bottom too.

  10. Lovely blog! That Valentines day card is too cute, Im going to add you to my blog roll, thanks for commenting xx

  11. aw cute vday card!
    have to say i love your pictures. they are beautiful/

  12. You are so so so beautiful, and I love the grey & pink combo.

    Cute card too, you both look lovely!

  13. I love the cardigan and blouse! the pink is very pretty.


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